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Photos on paper are already a thing of the past? None! Because now of all times, in times of ubiquitous digitization and lightning-fast communication, we are increasingly longing for more mindfulness and deceleration. Luminous screens and smooth keyboards prove to be insufficient in the long run and one misses the unmistakable scent and pleasant feel of printed paper.

In order not to sound old-fashioned or nostalgic, today we will tell you how you can combine modern, digital technology with high-quality stationery in a sophisticated way, by designing a photo book online and having it printed, via order mail. Conscientious, experienced providers, such as Atelier Rosemood, will provide you with optimal support and advice throughout the entire process. So you can be sure that your most beautiful memories in life will be staged sensitively and professionally. Whether it's a wedding or a birth, school enrollment or a holiday in the Caribbean - your selected photos will soon be immortalized in an excellent photo book with a timeless design and perfect execution.

Why create a photo book online?

Have you ever thought that ordering a photo book is a time-consuming business? Wrong thought, because with Atelier Rosemood this can be done with just a few clicks and a good feeling. Because not only the quality of the stationery and the technical execution are optimal, but also the reliable specialist advice. You can always get detailed advice from a professional employee by phone, email or chat. Behind the Rosemood brand there are also a lot of creative, international designers, graphic artists and editors. They do their best to create a true work of art from every photo book ordered. And although the three founders of the company Hélène, Antoine and Grégoire only dedicated themselves to modern and stylish birth cards at the very beginning, the range now includes a wide range of great, personalized products such as photo books, wedding invitations, invitation cards, posters and Christmas cards.

Choose the right model for your photo book

Photo book is not just a photo book. Thanks to Rosemood's user-friendly editor, you can easily create your very own photo work. All you have to do is upload your photos, set the appropriate layout and enter any caption. Depending on your own taste, you can also decide on the optimal model when designing your photo book. You can choose from three high-quality variants - cloth cover, hardcover or softcover.

The first model is offered in a 25 x 25 cm format and the other two are available in square, landscape and portrait format. With the fabric cover version you have the option of choosing from different elegant colors and with the other two models you can place your most popular photo on the front page, for example. Two types of premium paper are available for all three variants. They give you a noble visual and haptic experience when leafing through. Online editing with the editor is also extremely fun. It can even be done directly from your phone using the Rosemood Photo Book app for IOS or Android.

Rosemood's service also includes precise proofreading, checking the layout and retouching the images. All this will not cause you any additional costs and will ensure you flawless results. Rely on the expert know-how and the extraordinary attention to detail, based on years of experience and uncompromising care, and create your individual photo book online.

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