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After the trendy Urban Jungle living trend, it is now the turn of biophilia. Natural flair through plants and natural materials is more and more sought after and preferred by many in their own four walls or in the office. With a green wall such as a moss wall or picture, you can certainly achieve this very easily. There are already numerous manufacturers and suppliers who market a lot of them locally or online. These come from living plants as well as from preserved ones. Of course, the price and the maintenance effort vary accordingly. As beautiful as vertical greenery is, it is not exactly cheap, but rather expensive. For those of you who don't want to dig too deep into your pocket and love to do handicrafts, we have a few important tips and step-by-step instructions on how to make your own mini moss wall yourself.

Make your own moss wall - handicraft fun and nature in one

DIY mini moss wall - a simple step-by-step guide

In the following we will show you how to make a small moss wall in a frame using preserved moss. This is also called dried or mummified moss. It looks and feels real. In addition, you do not need to water, cut or fertilize it.

Another advantage is that the preserved moss is completely insensitive to light and can even be colored. You can buy it at almost any well-stocked craft or hardware store, or you can order it online. To minimize your material costs, you can even collect moss in the forest yourself and conserve it. See below how easy it is.

Depending on the time and budget, you can also work over a large area with the moss

You need the following materials for the mini moss wall:

  • a picture frame/deep wooden tray
  • Hot glue
  • preserved moss
  • Artificial plants of your choice (fern, succulents, etc.)
  • Disposable gloves (optional)

Extra tip:

You can DIY your moss wall Create with different types of moss - plate moss, pole moss, reindeer moss, reindeer moss, etc. Other preserved plants, driftwood or tillandsia are also perfect for your creative work of art.

And this is how easy it is done:

1. Step: Prepare the frame

Clean the wooden frame or paint it in any color you like. We recommend the color white because of the contrast. Think about the right suspension or attach it to the back afterwards if it bothers you when crafting.

2. Step 1: Have all materials at hand and start arranging

Put on the disposable shoes if you like and arrange the pieces of moss and the other components of your moss wall on the frame one after the other. Here you can let your creativity run free and create your very own moss landscape.

With pole moss you can set great accents in lush green

3. Step: Assemble the moss wall with the help of hot glue

Now start to glue the pieces of moss and the other elements with the hot glue and place them in the frame. Do not press too hard, but rather moderately and with feeling.

Play with the look and feel of the different types of moss

Complete the whole thing with faux ferns and succulents

Preserve moss for your DIY moss wall yourself

You can preserve your moss relatively easily. It all starts with collecting in the forest. Shake out any bits of moss from the soil and small woodland creatures and place in a basket or large cardboard box. This keeps them in good condition until they are preserved at home. You can also use simple drying when processing the moss. However, it is not advisable to do so, because the moss loses its juicy, green color or darkens.

The better preservation method is with glycerin. You simply buy this in the pharmacy and dilute it with water or, even better, with denatured alcohol. Put the solution in a deeper bowl and put the moss in it. Once diluted with water, leave the moss bits in there for about 1 hour. In the second case, just enough approx. 10 minutes exposure time completely. Then remove the moss and place it in a dry, airy place out of direct sunlight to dry for 2-3 days. After that, your natural crafting material is completely ready to use and you can start creating your moss wall.

We wish you a lot of handicraft fun and good luck!

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