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If you want to set up an apartment in an old building, then get involved in a complex and difficult matter. You need quite a bit of inspiration, technical knowledge and a large dose of patience. But it's worth it because you'll be surrounded by an inspiring piece of history. Such buildings and apartments are quite valuable. Often they even have the status of architectural monuments. They bring with them a certain historical atmosphere and vibe, but you have to show that off. It's not that easy, but there are some strategies that work well! We would now like to illustrate this to you.

The release of the historic masonry has a great effect

The special features of the old building

We want to be honest with you: apartments in old buildings have a number of disadvantages. You should be aware of this, at least for safety reasons! These are old buildings that often need repairs. There are major limitations on the materials and tools that could be used.

You have to be mentally prepared for the fact that you have to invest a lot in the long run. Also in question insulation and thus - electricity and energy costs does not look so cheap here. You have to be particularly careful with the wall and ceiling design in particular. These are often moldy, outdated and therefore brittle. You have to dig really deep. There are special dowels and other tools for this type of walls. In addition, you should constantly check the humidity of the wall structure. It is often damp and consequently brittle, so heavy objects and elaborate decoration could tear off and fall whole pieces of mortar. This could be life-threatening, especially with the ceiling.

Tall plants are particularly good for high ceilings

Advantages of the old building apartment and general rules

In the following we describe three particularly popular and time-tested strategies for furnishing apartments in old buildings. But before that, we would like to set some ground rules in the design of such call premises. With these, you will benefit as much as possible from the advantages of the old building apartment.

The puristic furnishings work very well in old buildings

Rule 1: use of vertical space

If you set up an apartment in an old building, you can benefit from the breadth of the premises. Above all, you have to do with really high ceilings and with the right decoration you can achieve a magical effect with it. Wall decoration that reaches to the ceiling, high shelves and cabinets are very good practices in this regard. Furthermore, tall plants that freshen the air and spread a lively mood at the same time are a wonderful idea.

The eclectic would also be a good approach to furnishing

Rule 2: Emphasize the special features of the old building

The old building apartments have large wall surfaces that can be viewed like a picture surface. You can develop particularly interesting design concepts here. Nowhere else will modern neutral colors be more effective than here. However, choose these in such a way that they contain warm nuances. Despite the large area, the premises will appear particularly cozy and inviting.

Neutral colors with striking accents - a wonderful strategy

Rule 3: think the lighting through carefully

Old building apartments usually have large windows and are therefore well lit. If you set this up, you must, on the one hand, use this advantage particularly well. You must not block the natural light present with small pieces of furniture or other entanglements. Instead, you should invest in modern curtains or blinds. If necessary, you can use it to protect your privacy. In addition, you should install the artificial light in such a way that it does not complement the natural light, but instead blends with it. Because that would have a disturbing effect. Surely you don't want that?

This is how you can functionally benefit from high rooms!

Furnishing an apartment in an old building: three strategies

Strategy number 1: good renovation and puristic furnishings

Many residents proceed puristically when they set up an apartment in an old building. From a purely stylistic point of view, this has a wonderful effect, because it creates a contrast between the modern Minimalism and the historical background achieved. In addition, this is also a very practical solution, in which you can invest more time and resources in the renovation of the apartment. This includes the renewal of the walls and the ceiling. If that is necessary, you could also integrate good insulation and thereby reduce electricity costs in the long run. When it comes to furnishing, you then invest in a few pieces that visually fill the room well and offer sufficient living comfort.

You can use the walls strategically by integrating storage space

Strategy 2: Functional use of the walls

This strategy is particularly suitable for those of you who want a lot of storage space. You have very wide and high walls here, which you could fill completely with built-in shelves and cabinets. In purely stylistic terms, modern materials and colors are chosen in this case. For a very modern effect, which at the same time corresponds to the sober historical style, we would recommend a light metallic color, for example. However, here you also have to invest in the structural analysis and renovation of the walls and ceilings. Such solutions are practical and would visually narrow the space a bit afterwards. This will allow you to make him comfortable with little furniture.

Floating decoration and storage units are a great furnishing strategy

Strategy 3: Emphasizing the historic character of the old building

The third strategy you can use to furnish your old apartment is to emphasize the historical character of the building. They could refresh and expose some of the historical masonry. The original window frames can be renewed or imitated with modern materials. For the interior, you could restore old furniture or buy original vintage pieces. Historical pictures and decoration ideas could be used for the wall design. The eclectic approach should not be underestimated. The historical value of such apartments really comes into its own when different styles are mixed.

The silver metallic is a perfect color for historic premises

Furnishing an apartment in an old building - a deeply inspiring experience

Establishing and living in an old building is a specific lifestyle. He wears a deep meaning and is a statement in itself of the character of the person who chooses it. One longs for continuity, likes to learn from the past, gives it meaning and continuation. Especially intellectual and artistically oriented people would appreciate this experience particularly highly. Everyone else will probably rediscover some aspects of their own personality through such a great atmosphere!

The uncovering of historical constructions almost always works very well

Take advantage of the large windows so that a lot of light really enters the room

Example of visual emphasis on historic masonry

Combination of historical style and modern art

Successful combination of artistic and natural light

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