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In this article we will give you an insight into the Saris Garage project and show you how you can renovate your little one's room with your own hands, furnish it and what things you should pay attention to. We accompany you through smaller DIY projects, which further enhance the furnishing of the children's room. We also give valuable tips with regard to he alth and educational aspects of room furnishings. We also have a practical product recommendation for matching wooden boxes and shelves.

We recommend having some tools and materials on hand to start decorating right away. Our project should provide food for thought and encourage imitation. A hammer, spatula and nails should always be within reach, as well as a spirit level, pencil and textile pens. We'll use these last, it's worth sticking with. Depending on your personal needs, you also need wallpaper paint and floor coverings, as well as a paint sprayer to standardize the color of the furniture.

Design, furnishing, decorating - he alth and educational aspects

The well-being of the child comes first. Therefore, pay attention to existing seals of quality (such as the Blue Angel) when you decide on the right wallpaper, paint and floor covering. This guarantees that they do not contain any harmful substances that could be dangerous for your child.

We recommend footfall sound insulation for the floor so that the noise of the romping kids does not echo through the entire house. You attach this between the subsurface and the floor covering.

To use the available space efficiently, store your kids' toys in wooden boxes and shelves from Kallax. Here you will find the matching wooden boxes and Kallax boxes: Holzkisten Shop. These wooden boxes are made of durable solid wood, which is in line with our goal of paying attention to sustainability. They can be perfectly integrated into the shelves, which also create additional seating for your children and their friends. We therefore expressly recommend buying the Kallax boxes.

Hint: Felt gliders under the Kallax Wooden boxes ensure that these remain intact much longer. You can also further increase the overview in the Kallax wooden boxes by further dividing them with sorting boxes. This is particularly useful for small things that are to be grouped thematically. Instead of the Kallax boxes, you can also use other shelves and use matching fruit boxes as shelf boxes. You can find different fruit crates here: Fruit crate shop

The wallpaper of the children's room should be well chosen. It can make a significant contribution to the development of your child. A wallpaper with the small or large 1×1 awakens an early enthusiasm for numbers and lays the foundation for a child’s lifelong affinity for numbers. A wall-filling world map with different motifs promotes openness to foreign cultures. It also opens up the world of plants and animals to your child.

DIY: lampshade and name plate

Nothing is as important as the right lighting. But lamps, especially for the children's room, are often expensive. So we have a good tip for you: You need a lampshade, pencil and textile pen and a light source - a flashlight or smartphone. There are numerous printable designs on the internet. You can trace these with the textile pen or draw directly with your free hand. We recommend practicing this beforehand because handling the textile pen is a bit difficult at first.

Our next tip is perfect for pointing "this is the room of '… '" right at the door. We will show you how simple wooden letters can be turned into visually appealing name tags. For this we use the serviette technique. First you apply glue to the surface of the letters and place a napkin over them. Finally, smooth everything out with a brush.

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