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Kids love to cook, bake, wash up and try Mom's favorite recipes. A children's play kitchen is exactly the place where our children can implement what they observe in the adults. A grocery store is also usually at the top of the wish list, because in the popular role-playing game with grandma, grandpa, siblings or friends of the same age, our little ones learn from an early age to put themselves in other people's shoes.

You learn how to trade and exchange, practice arithmetic with concrete examples and in everyday situations and, above all, have a lot of fun. For us parents, the nagging question naturally arises, which wish do I fulfill for my child? The play kitchen or the grocery store? Here you come to the DIY instructions from Saris Garage: Build your own shop Neither is usually an option, because we don't want to overwhelm our darlings with presents, and we don't have enough space in the children's room or living room . But there is also a wonderful solution to this problem: a self-made children's play kitchen with an integrated shop.

The best gift is making it yourself

No one knows our children as well as we do. Only we know what really matters to our little ones when it comes to play. If your sweetheart loves to cook, then their kitchen should have a large cooking area with plenty of space for saucepans of various sizes and chopping boards.

If your child loves baking, then the play kitchen needs to include a large oven and plenty of space for cake tins, muffins, donuts and other accessories.

If washing dishes is his favorite area in the children's play kitchen, then there should definitely be a large sink and plenty of storage options such as shelves and hangers for dishes and tea towels. The wonderful thing about a self-made children's play kitchen is not only that you can offer your little darling exactly what he needs for his development, you can also adapt the play kitchen to the space available to you. Is there a better gift than one that is tailor-made and made with love Children's play kitchen?

You can easily build your own individual children's kitchen

The advantage of this wooden children's play kitchen is that you can easily build it yourself. Since the beautiful and easy-to-build children's kitchen with built-in shop consists mainly of fruit crates and wine crates, there are no high material costs and complicated assembly instructions are not necessary. Check out our video below for simple step-by-step instructions.

You only need the following to build your children's play kitchen:

  • 4 fruit crates - wooden crates with a middle board (we recommend the size 50x40x30cm) Here you can buy the matching wooden crates: wooden crates and fruit crates
  • 1 wooden chest (you have to install the middle board in the wooden chest yourself)
  • Several glued wood panels (you can get them at hardware stores; you decide how many you want in your kitchen)
  • 1 log for the stove (you can easily cut it yourself)
  • You will also need the following tools to build your wooden children's play kitchen:
  • Cordless drill
  • Wood Drill
  • Grinder
  • Jigsaw or miter saw

Children's play kitchen made of wood - a creative project for the whole family

When building your children's play kitchen, you can either let your imagination run wild or create it according to our simple DIY instructions. When designing, you decide for yourself where shelf boxes are to be used, what dimensions are most practical for you and what color the kitchen should have. So you can fully respond to the wishes of your child and fulfill your dream. Here you can see the fruit crate shelves: Fruit crate shelf

If you've piqued your curiosity and now you've got the DIY fever, just take a look at a few pictures of our sweet children's play kitchen. On our homepage you will also find the video with the instructions for building the kitchen. We will also show you how you can easily make beautiful shop accessories yourself. You will also find creative ideas for building matching furniture and shelves for the whole family.

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