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Bringing nature and natural food closer to the home is a major concern for many. If you don't have your own garden or you want fresh spices all year round, then a herb rack is an option. You can build this yourself or buy it ready-made. If you choose the second option, you can definitely benefit from modern technologies! You can find out more about this both on our website and elsewhere on the Internet. But if the herb rack is really supposed to be part of the interior design, then there are also aesthetic issues that you should address. How do you integrate a herb shelf into your own interior design? That is the question to which we want to give you or show you a series of creative answers.

Here, the herbs benefit from the light that flows in through the window

Herb rack in the style of your own interior design and decoration

Herb shelves can look in the most varied of ways. They may have been made from beams of rough material. It would also be possible to buy some with a very unusual design. Different colors and shades are possible here.

They can of course be harmonized with the rest of the interior. Within a neutral design, they can serve as accents. The green color of the herbs themselves should also match the interior design. So you have to position this herb shelf in such a way that it visually enriches your ambience or inscribes itself seamlessly in it.

This is how you learn to distinguish between the different herbs faster

The herb shelf as a focal point in the interior design

The herb shelf can be one of the focal points in your interior design. Large and original constructions like the one in the picture below have a strong effect in this regard. They can be positioned in the middle of a room, but they can just as easily be placed against a wall so that they look like part of the design. Finally, herb shelves can also be part of the Display window design.

Such a construction will have a great effect in your room!

Herb shelf with a double function

The herb shelves can also have another function in the interior. By that we don't just mean the decorative effect. You could go way beyond that! Larger constructions can help to structure the space. They can limit to a certain zone and thus bring structure to open and multifunctional spaces. Not infrequently, they are just as good strategies for privacy protection. If they're also posable, they could be moved to different places as needed.

The herb rack here is industrial style!

The herb shelves and the style of your interior design

Herb shelves can now be found in so many different variants that they can even bring added value to your interior design in purely stylistic terms. The self-made ones made of wood or beams have a rustic flair. If you, in turn, treat these with a white coat of paint, they are immediately considered vintage pieces. Beautifully painted, herb racks could become a part of a minimalist Scandinavian-style concept. Homemade constructions from various old vessels can also appear industrial. If they are made of modern materials or bring any technical extras, they look ultra modern.

This herb shelf is reminiscent of a small garden on the balcony!

Herb shelves as part of innovative storage space concepts

Storage space concerts with different functions are becoming more and more modern. Within the same shelf you can distribute plants, but also pictures, why not books. This makes sense, especially in small rooms that have to combine many functions. Here it is important to develop a strategy with which the whole thing is organized and does not appear arbitrary. The different objects should correspond to one another in terms of colour, shape or style. Sometimes they can be united by one theme. For example, you could put pots of herbs and cookbooks with he althy recipes together on the shelf at the same time.

Herb shelves can also be part of the wall decoration

Look at the integration of herb rack like a kind of art!

The integration of herb shelves is possible so see it as a kind of artistic matter. You can put an incredible amount of imagination in there and even make something like installations out of it. Colorful color design and vibrant colors bring a particularly strong effect in this regard. By the way, your herb shelf could also serve a great social function. The whole family can work on this together and you can also educate the small children to a he althy and more creative way of life.

If everything goes well, you have two advantages in one: your home looks nicer and your food tastes fresher!

It is quite practical if you can also easily move herb shelves

Here a vintage effect was achieved

Herb shelves are visually refreshing and good for our he alth

You can also use this to loosen up the outer wall design!

Modern herb shelves make caring for the plants particularly easy!

You simply live fresher with a great herb shelf!

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