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The hype about canabidiol (CBD) has also arrived in this country for some time. There are already numerous products on the market that are enriched with it and have many positive effects on the human organism. However, some consumers are still confused as to whether the substance that comes from the cannabis plant is safe and, more importantly, legal. Others doubt the effect of the substance itself or the quality of the products on offer. And still others are wondering which dosage and dosage form would be best for them. In order to provide a little more clarity regarding CBD and its effects and uses, we have summarized some important information about it below.

What is cannabidiol?

CBD is not to be confused with the notorious THC. Although both substances are cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. Unlike the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has no psychoactive effects and could induce another state of consciousness. But on the contrary. You are not affected in your everyday activities and you retain a clear perception. Therefore, CBD is absolutely permitted under the applicable narcotics law in Germany. However, when buying products, you should always pay attention to their THC content. The limit according to the EU Commission, which also applies in this country, is 0.2% THC. So if a CBD product contains more of it, it may not be sold or bought in Germany. In some other countries, this THC value is set differently. Therefore, caution is always advised when buying CBD products online or in another country. Keep researching and learn more about the legal situation and how to obtain cannabidiol.

How does CBD work in the body?

Cannabidiol is non-toxic and is therefore also used as a dietary supplement and as an ingredient in cosmetics. Its harmonising, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effect is particularly valued for stress, depressive moods and migraines. CBD also helps with muscle tension and is therefore taken regularly by many athletes. The best thing about it is: CBD has no addictive potential and is well suited for long-term use. In order to understand how this substance works in our body, you should already know that the organism has a so-called endocannabinoid system. When we talk about the endocannabinoid system, we are talking about a part of the human nervous system. This has endogenous endocannabinoids. They can dock to different receptors in your body, such as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CBD inhibits the enzymes that break down the body's endocannabinoids, causing the levels of anandamide to increase in the body. It is one of the most important endocannabinoids in the human system. CBD thus supports the natural functions of our own endocannabinoids.

5 of the most popular products with CBD

In Europe, only CBD products made from industrial hemp (maximum 0.2% THC) are permitted. These vary in their dosage form and concentration. Depending on your he alth and the symptoms you are experiencing, you can find the right products for you. Some manufacturers even enrich them with the valuable terpenes that can also be found in the hemp plant. These substances are a main component of essential oils and enhance the positive effects of cannabinoids in the body - a perfect interaction. Below we present five of the most popular CBD products.

CBD oil

This is probably the most commonly used form of administration, which is done drop by drop with a pipette. The oil is available in different concentrations and is one of the dietary supplements. It works fairly quickly as it goes straight through the lining of the mouth into the bloodstream. An alternative to this are the cannabidiol capsules, which are then absorbed through the stomach and intestines into the blood, which slows down their effects somewhat.

CBD mouth spray

This product also benefits from a direct effect on the mucous membrane. In addition, the mouth spray is super easy and convenient to use on the go. The perfect decision for professionals and people who are often outdoors.

CBD Diffuser Pens

This isn't about smoking, it's about a he althy form of aromatherapy. The product should therefore be free of nicotine and synthetic additives. Gentle intake, big effect.

Bath Bombs

Combined with bath s alts and wonderfully scented essential oils, CBD bath bombs ensure a relaxing, balanced bathing experience. Body and mind enjoy an extra dose of well-being.

Sport Gel

The product acts through the skin on the muscles and nerves and is of course not only perfectly suitable for athletes. A good CBD gel can also be helpful in general during physical exertion, sore muscles or to relax before falling asleep.

Warning! During pregnancy and breastfeeding you should not use the CBD products or only with the express consent of your doctor. In addition, different interactions with some drugs are possible. So if you are currently taking medication, you should also seek medical advice.

Always pay attention to the best quality and gentle extraction processes as well as the optimal environmental friendliness of the products. These should definitely be recyclable. Be well informed, act consciously and benefit from this valuable, natural substance - cannabidiol.

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