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We have already published several articles about why the bathroom is an important room in every home. In short, there you can start the new day refreshed as soon as you get up. In the bathroom you can enjoy well-deserved relaxation after a stressful day at work. This means that the modern bathroom must have the characteristics of a living room, but enriched with a distinct spa feeling. This transforms it into the right oasis of well-being for everyone. It has to be charming and welcoming at the same time and guarantee you pure relaxation. In order for a bathroom to meet every requirement, you have to come up with something special when renovating or designing a new bathroom. That's what we're talking about here. We have prepared some daring ideas for creative tile accents. With it you can breathe new life into every bathroom and/or create an attractive bathroom design. You can find out what can be done with tiles in the bathroom in this regard below.

Bold tile accents transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being.

This accent wall in sunny yellow breaks up the monochrome look in white and creates a good mood in the bathroom.

  • How do you set creative tile accents in the bathroom with attractive colours?

The white bath is long gone! Now there is a real explosion of color in the bathroom. However, you have to be careful with it so that there is no confusion, but something creative. For example, you can opt for glossy dark green tiles and use them to create an accent wall. You can then place the free-standing bathtub in front of it, which in most cases is white and contrasts elegantly with the green tiles on the wall. Dark green is a trending color that is returning with a vengeance to the world of fashion and home design in 2022. She also conquers the bathroom. Dark green can be combined well with light gray and with other shades of green, for example with grass green. But with black it forms a color duo that is mysterious and very elegant at the same time appears and has a strong effect on all senses. The best combination for creative tile accents in the bathroom!

Black and dark green form an irresistible duo that goes well with the masculine style in the bathroom.

This dark green accent wall is eye-catching and spices up the bathroom design.

Every corner and end of this bathroom is green! And suitable plants transform it into a green oasis.

The possibilities for creative tile accents in dark green are numerous and cannot be exhausted with the design of a single tiled wall. The next examples confirm that. You can opt for a dark green tiled floor in the bathroom and achieve a real WOW effect. In this case, you can keep the entire bathroom design simple and design it in snow white. Maybe distributed with small black accents here and there. However, the visual impact of the dark green tile floor is overwhelming!

These dark green floor tiles make the whole bathroom shine.

Bold tile accents allow you to visually separate the shower corner from the rest of the bathroom.

How do you like this creative bathroom design?

  • Unique visual effects with hexagonal tiles

Bold tile accents in the bathroom can be created not only with color but also with the shape of the tiles. For this purpose, hexagonal tiles serve perfectly. These already have a pattern built in and are great for making a statement in the bathroom. In addition, hexagonal tiles are visually attractive, so you can definitely use them to create a special bathroom design. These tiles score with their unique shape and can bring any room to life. They are a must in a modern bathroom.

Striking design in the shower corner thanks to the tile accents with hexagonal dark green tiles.

Small patterns spice up the hexagonal tiles and contribute a lot to the unique bathroom design.

As you have just seen in the two photos, the visual accents in the bathroom could be skilfully combined with the color and shape of the tiles to play. Hexagonal tiles come in all sorts of shades, even ones that have a built-in pattern. They bring a little more appeal to a black and white or neutral bathroom. So the whole bathroom no longer looks boring or old-fashioned. Such tile accents bring a touch of modern glamour. So, if you want more glamor in your bathroom, then choose hexagonal tiles and create something unique with them. Such tile accents also make the simple bathroom design something special!

Chocolate brown and white accent the modern bathroom design. In addition, the two colors look perfect in combination, especially in the bathroom with hexagonal tiles.

The hexagonal tiles are also totally eye-catching in dark green.

  • Glamourous tile accents make your bathroom shine like new

As always, the best comes last! In our case, it is reflective tiles. If you want more shine and glamor in your own bathroom, you can look for it in specialist shops or online shops and you can certainly find something suitable for great tile accents. Tiles with a reflective finish are great for creating a very trendy look. These are seamlessly integrated into the overall bathroom design and create a WOW effect. Reflective tiles can turn even a modestly designed bathroom into something very special. On the one hand they reflect the daylight flooding into the bathroom, on the other hand they reflect any artificial light from your bathroom lighting. So, with modern reflective tiles you are guaranteed great accents in the bathroom!

Create just one wall with reflective tiles and admire the glitter effect.

Reflective tiles can be combined with marble floor tiles.

These tiles are unique and can create real visual wonders in the bathroom.

The WOW effect is guaranteed here!

Have you already made a firm decision on how you want to design your bathroom in a modern and effective way? If not yet, the next examples of creative tile accents in the bathroom can help you. Have fun browsing and admiring!

The classic Black and white bathroom design can look a bit creative.

If your favorite color is sky blue.

A bathroom all in orange is also very attractive.

Light gray goes particularly well with dark green.

Blue metro tiles create great accents in the bathroom.

The mosaic of colorful floor tiles is encouraging.

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