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If you often browse the Internet and like to browse our website, then you have certainly come across interesting articles that present very special house shapes and unusual designs. This series of articles also includes today's post. In the following we want to present you with a unique house design in words and pictures. You can only be amazed and try to grasp how far human thought reaches when it comes to modern architecture. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

This unique house is called the Cleft House and is divided into two parts by an atrium.

  • Unique house design - what is special about it?

Architecturally, this is a unique house design that is very rare to see. This is a four storey building and is called the Cleft House. It is located on a busy street in the capital of India, New Delhi. This unique home was designed and built by Anagram Architects for a large family.

The homeowners wanted a spacious and light-filled home that also conceals an atrium within its structural design. The architects have taken this wish into consideration and now the family building is finished. This represents a unique house design precisely because of its facade and built-in atrium. In addition, it has been concluded that maintaining the privacy of the residents of the house is a major priority. Therefore, a house facade was built without windows, which shields the sun-drenched four-story atrium. Surrounding this atrium are the homeowners' living quarters and work studios.

The house facade has no windows to the street.

The facade is clad in white and black marble slabs. It reflects the sun's rays and catches the eye from afar thanks to its color contrast.

The house facade of Cleft House is monolithic and looks exactly like made in one go. It is mainly clad in white marble slabs mounted on a steel structure. Marble was chosen for the house facade by Anagram Architects because of its good "luminescent radiation". This gives the unique building a sense of luxury. Furthermore, these marble panels continue inside through the slit in the middle of the facade. This is how this unique home design looks split in two before opening onto the light-filled atrium.

The atrium, which represents the courtyard of traditional Indian houses, forms the heart of the cleft house and connects all rooms on the ground floor. Its size and shape also allows plenty of natural light throughout the house and downstairs, while facilitating natural ventilation throughout. This is really an excellent idea that just showcases the unique house design. The next image is designed to convince you exactly of the charm and importance of the atrium in the overall home design.

Glazed passageways made of black marble connect the right and left buildings of the cleft house.

  • The interior of the house has a correct geometry

Whoever enters the atrium for the first time will certainly be impressed by the geometry of the forms that prevail there. The play of colors between white and black marble also reinforces the sense of wonder. The perfect geometry in the house design is actually softened by a spiral-shaped staircase that leads elegantly upwards. This is also a brilliant idea of the architects. The entire staircase fits perfectly into the house design. In addition, it is well lit and decorated with green plants. However, the modernity does not stop here, it is typical for the furnishing and design of the interiors. For example, the dining and kitchen area is once again covered in white marble countertops and furnished with chic furniture. That's why he looks very inviting.

An open plan kitchen and dining room area characterizes this unique home design inside.

All bedrooms are on the upper floors of the apartment building and face the atrium. They are surrounded by glazed balconies. On the one hand, the rooms are visually connected in this way. On the other hand, from every balcony one can see the atrium while enjoying one's privacy. Each of the bedrooms in the house is individually designed. the Furnishings are specially tailored to the taste of the residents. The interior designers relied on color contrasts and were a little more cautious in their choice of materials. Although black marble, concrete and wood have been used in some places here, as in the atrium and in the common rooms, it looks very harmonious. The intention of the architects was obviously to create a unique house design inside and out that would appeal to all family members. And they have successfully achieved this goal!

There are several levels in the gleft house. The various bedrooms are located on the upper floors, each furnished according to the taste of its occupant.

Each bedroom differs from the other bedrooms due to its individual furnishings.

The personal preferences of the owners were taken into account in every bedroom design, creating a unique house design on the inside as well.

Can you imagine anything more romantic than these glass-enclosed balconies that face the courtyard?

Access to the upper floors is super elegant thanks to this modern spiral staircase.

You rarely see something so imaginative!

Each bathroom is stylish and individually designed.

The common rooms are also furnished in a super modern way.

Where does the spiral staircase lead to? Is this the future of modern architecture?

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