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In the last decade, a new lifestyle has emerged and overshadowed all others. Without a doubt, this is minimalism. It started as a trend in the visual arts and has gradually taken over our everyday lives. The modern-minded person also arranges their own home according to the motto “less is more”. The ability to get rid of everything unnecessary and superfluous actually corresponds exactly to the challenges of the digital world. You deliberately do without anything that could disturb you in the interior and in this way create more free space and order. Furniture and home accessories are reduced to the essentials with the minimalists. Art pieces and decoration still have their place in the minimalistic designed space, but are simple. How you can achieve minimalism in the living room, we show below. We will also inform you about the rules that must be observed.

Minimalism begins in the mind.

He's moving into his own four walls.

  • What does minimalism express in the living room?

With the best will in the world, you can't set up and design your living room in a minimalist way if you don't have enough basic knowledge about this trend and lifestyle. That's why the experts say that minimalism starts in the mind. You have to become (more) aware of your own life situation and decide for yourself what you need in this space. The goal is to create a living room full of calm and simplicity. First and foremost, this makes your life easier. By stripping your interior down to the essentials, you can focus on yourself. Getting away from the material makes it easier to find what makes you happy. Letting go of superfluous objects can be very liberating. You create a simple living room in a targeted manner and thus celebrate your personal freedom.

Floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light into the living room. In this very attractive ambience, the stone wall with the bio fireplace steals the Show.

Open spaces, simple design and clear lines are typical of minimalism in the living room.

That usually sounds good, but it's easier said than done. Because you have to leave out a lot and only keep what you like. And what makes you free and happy. Of course, this process of conscious omission is determined by your way of life. You have to think this through carefully before you decide on minimalism in the living room. Because this style of living is definitely caused by modern life. In the digital world we need fewer and fewer things and smaller and smaller devices. A wall of books is therefore no longer a must in the living room. Everyone has the opportunity to read e-books, work on a PC and research on the Internet. Therefore, only surround yourself with objects that are important to you, so that you feel barrier-free and think freely in your minimalist living room. This is what you want to achieve with minimalism in the living room - simplicity in space and freedom in thought!

Everything superfluous and unnecessary must be removed from your living room so that minimalism can return there.

Pure minimalism! In this perfectly designed living room you can not only feel good, but also live happily.

  • Minimalism in the living room: what rules must be observed?

You mustn't think that doing without superfluous furniture makes the living room appear bare and sober. It doesn't have to happen. We associate minimalism in the living room with open spaces, clear lines and simple shapes. Peace and serenity prevail there, at the same time the room is very cozy. In such a living room, chaos has no chance at all, because order is the order of the day here. However, in order to achieve such a modern look in your living room, you must follow the following rules when furnishing it:

Peace and perfect order reign supreme in this minimalist home.

Geometric shapes and clear lines characterize minimalism in the living room.

  • Neutral colors and soft textures are typical of minimalism in the living room

The Minimalism in the living room is based on a neutral color scheme. Firstly, the classic color duo black and white is preferred everywhere due to the strong contrast of the two primary colors. Be careful though, as more black will make the room appear a bit whimsical, even mystical. Instead, opt for just a few pops of black that pop well against a neutral background. The gray and white color combination is a softer version of the classic color scheme. This is very popular in the minimalist living room. In addition, you can also add other neutral colors: beige, cream, sandy and light brown. If you want to create a more atmospheric living room, then choose graphite gray and black as the base colors and add splashes of light color. For example, visual accents in pastel colors are great for any minimalist space. Don't think that minimalism in the living room is all about monochromatic color scheme.

Typical minimalist color scheme - soft shades of gray and two touches of pastel green.

Black and gray can be excellently combined with light wood.

The modern orange armchair by the window breaks the light gray color scheme in this minimalist living room.

The minimalism in the living room is also expressed in the textures. Wood, fluffy carpets, a concrete or brick wall and lots of leather are preferred here. But be very careful with them, their use must also be reduced. For example, a soft faux fur rug would be absolutely sufficient to introduce a soft touch to the interior. A brick or brick wall would draw the eye, while a concrete column makes a bold feature in the minimalist living room.

Cream color and beige are also popular in minimalism in the living room.

An elegant room divider separates the stylish living room.

Soft textures in gray have been skilfully combined with the brick wall within the minimalist design.

  • The minimalism in the living room is characterized by clear lines and geometric shapes

Clean lines and right-angled contours are easily among the typical features of minimalism in the living room. This means that not only the colour, but also the design language is also important here! For example, low furniture or hanging shelves do not distract the eye, so they are more than appropriate in a minimalist living room. So that your walls don't remain completely bare, choose modern works of art, perhaps also from representatives of minimalism, and decorate the room with them. Or do you want to show your love for abstract art? In both cases, such murals are appropriate. In any case, these harmonize with the style of the living room.

The perfect minimalist design might look something like this.

Or it can look a little more lively this way.

  • Simple furniture and more free space in the room

When choosing furniture for the minimalist living room, the following rule applies: the fewer, the better! Opt for a statement corner sofa instead. It should be eye-catching and at the same time ensure cosiness in the living room. A large sofa is usually the central piece of furniture in the room. You can have a built-in bio fireplace on one wall and a flat screen TV on another. Lots of smaller pieces of furniture would clutter the whole look or make it seem a bit messy. That's why it's better to do without them. Reduce the furniture to the essentials and leave plenty of free space in the room. This is an elegant way to achieve minimalism in the living room.

Our editors wish you a lot of fun and good luck! You can get more inspiration for minimalism in the living room from the following picture gallery!

The built-in fireplace and mural next to it immediately draws the eye.

You don't have any objections, do you?

Built-in lights make up the perfect room lighting.

Black and white decorative cushions with a simple pattern spice up the minimalist color scheme.

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