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Quaint, natural, cool, eco-friendly and eye-catching! This is how interior designers characterize the wide use of stone in the bathroom. No matter which attribute we use for this, we can't go wrong, because all of them are correct! If you want to bring a strong dose of natural aesthetics to your bathroom, then you could certainly opt for a stone wall. If you don't want to overdo it with the natural material, you can only choose individual bathroom accessories made of stone. For example, an elegant bathtub. The stone has fascinated people for centuries with its extreme degree of hardness and eye-catching grains and colours. We therefore forget everything about ceramics and wood, at least for a while. In the following we only focus on natural stone. This is specifically about the use of stone in the bathroom. You can see wonderful bathroom designs in our picture gallery. They make every bathroom look archaic and modern at the same time.

When it comes to naturalness, a bathroom design made of stone is unbeatable.

The natural material fits perfectly into any classic bathroom design.

  • Where does stone find a suitable use in the bathroom?

When using stone in the bathroom, you have a lot of creative freedom and can let your imagination run wild. In the first place, this is just a stone wall. This amazing idea adds more texture and visual interest to the room. Of course, a stone wall in the bathroom is eye-catching and cannot leave anyone indifferent. You either like them or totally dislike them. Because thanks to its natural appearance, a stone wall in the bathroom gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature. Maybe in a cave or somewhere in an old fortress.

For your stone wall in the bathroom, you can use natural stone or choose tiles and wall panels with a stone look. The second variant is currently very popular. However, it always depends on how you want to feel when you shower or bathe. In short, the natural aesthetics of using stone in the bathroom is unique and can hardly be described or surpassed. You have to feel it yourself with all your senses.

Rustic style with modern bathroom accessories.

Never underestimate the right light in the bathroom. It can create visual wonders!

If you want to make your bathroom extremely rustic and natural, opt for maximum use of stone. For example, you can clad all four walls with natural stone and admire the WOW effect yourself. Or do you only want to cover the floor in the bathroom with stone slabs? This is also a popular option. However, this requires special care so that the natural material does not become dull over the years and lose its natural charm. In this regard, we advise: It is best to find out about this in advance. Maybe ask your installer about it. It's definitely worth it!

A beautiful bathroom that looks like a cave with luxurious touches.

No smooth walls - that's called natural beauty!

If you want to make your bathroom look natural and modern at the same time, you can only opt for a few stone accents. These can evoke exactly the same sense of naturalness as a stone wall. Or covered with stone slabs like a floor. A bathtub made of natural stone, for example, could serve as an eye-catcher. This immediately catches the eye with its organic shape and natural texture. Elegant washbasins or washbasins made of stone can also be integrated wonderfully into modern bathroom design. And without disturbing the overall look of the bathroom. The following picture examples illustrate what has just been said in an undisputed way.

This natural stone bathtub catches the eye with its organic shape and natural texture.

Two stone washbasins cut a fine figure in the modern bathroom.

Quite hip - a modern bathroom made of natural stone!

  • Stone in the bathroom can be perfectly combined with other natural materials

Natural stone is an indispensable part of the modern bathroom. It can be perfectly combined with other natural materials. Especially with wood and glass, stone forms a visual whole in the bathroom. For example, you can have one in your bathroom have a gorgeous stone wall, a wooden floor and an elegant glass shower corner. With this you will undoubtedly achieve a unique and super trendy bathroom design. Or do you want to combine the rustic stone wall with a free-standing clawfoot bathtub? In this case, the rustic charm is guaranteed. That is why modern elegance is paired with stone in the bathroom in many bathrooms. And the end result is always stunning!

Stone, wood and glass can be successfully combined in modern bathroom design.

Retro style bathroom with exposed stone wall and clawfoot tub.

Modern bathroom design with skilfully combined natural materials.

Scroll down now and admire more picture examples with a lot of stone in the bathroom. Have you already found your favorite among these rustic and natural bathroom designs?

Here you can accentuate the imperfection of the stone.

In this bathroom, people played with colors and textures.

If you love the contrast between white and graphite grey.

With stone in the bathroom you live in harmony with nature.

Who says stone has no place in the modern bathroom?

A stone wall can transport you to another era.

… and indulge your senses.

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