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The well-known German footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger surprised his numerous fans and the entire sports world with a touching post on Twitter on Tuesday. The press reacted with headlines like "The biggest one is leaving!" and "Schweini is breaking up!". Football lovers' comments on social media are more than sentimental. Your idol and former world champion has announced the end of his career as a professional soccer player. His Twitter message comes just two days after his last game for American club Chicago Fire. In his post, Bastian Schweinsteiger addresses the fans and writes the following in German and English: "Thank you and my teams FC Bayern, Manchester United, Chicago Fire and the German national team - you made this incredible time possible for me. And of course I would like to thank my wife Ana Ivanovic and my family for their support.”

"Now the time has come." - Bastian Schweinsteiger says goodbye to his fans.

After many successful years in professional football, the popular German midfielder wants to retire.

  • Bastian Schweinsteiger is a turning point in the history of German football

The 35-year-old Bavarian began his professional career with the record champions in Munich. With the first-class team FC Bayern, he was German champion eight times and winner of the DFB Cup seven times. He also won the Champions League again with Bayern in 2013 and became world champion in 2014 as vice-captain with the DFB team. In July 2015, Bastian Schweinsteiger moved to England to join Manchester United. Our best midfielder also won titles there and won the cup. Since 2022 he has played with the Chicago Fire in the USA. In all his football clubs, Basti distinguished himself as a passionate fighter on the pitch and delighted his fans.

Bastian Schweinsteiger won the hearts of his fans with his passionate game.

Bastian Schweinsteiger wasn't just a good one Soccer player, he was also a successful national team player. A little more - he was the soul of the German team: joker, sublime fighter, best friend and crowd favorite. He has left his mark in the history of German football and wants to remain loyal to football in the future. In his farewell message to the fans, he continues: "My departure as an active athlete makes me a little nostalgic, but I'm also looking forward to the exciting tasks that await me soon. I will stay true to football. 1000 thanks for the time together, I will always carry you in my heart! Your Basti."

Even in difficult moments he had a smile on his face.

The national coach Jogi Löw commented on Schweini's plans and opened the DFB doors to him. Löw said: "When Basti stops, a personality will go that German football has not often experienced. He was one of the greatest players Germany had. He always has a place with us.” The following video captures the footballer's best moments:

  • The wonderful sports family of Bastian Schweinsteiger and ex-tennis player Ana Ivanovic

In his farewell message, Bastian Schweinsteiger also found very kind words for his wife Ana Ivanovic and thanked her and his family for their support. To which Ana Ivanovic replied: “I can't wait to see what adventure will be next in our future with our wonderful little family. I couldn't be prouder today, we love you!" Wrote the ex-number one in women's tennis. In July 2016, the popular German footballer and the former Serbian world tennis star got married in Venice. The couple already have two children. The first child was born in March 2022 and the second was born at the end of August. We also reported on this.

The well-known sports family has two children.

One of the greatest German soccer players wants to end his professional career.

Now he's bound to face new exciting challenges.

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