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Every homeowner knows that good lighting is a multi-talent. It is important in every room of the house, but plays a special role in a bathroom. Appropriate lighting is of course urgently needed in the bathroom, because it fulfills both practical and decorative functions. For example, choose the wrong light bulb for this room, make up will make you look pale and a bit yellow. If a lamp stands or hangs in the wrong place, then your husband has to shave in the shade, which certainly annoys him. You definitely need a few different light sources in the bathroom to make the space pretty but also functional. The big question is how to ensure you have the right light in the bathroom. In order to meet this challenge in a clever way, we have a few tips ready for you for the right light in the bathroom. These will definitely help you to design a beautiful, modern and, above all, well-lit bathroom!

Appropriate lighting in the bathroom fulfills practical and decorative functions.

  • General tips for good lighting in the bathroom

Let's start our clever bathroom lighting tips with the most important thing, which is maximize natural light! There's nothing quite like natural daylight to lift your spirits and set the circadian rhythm that regulates wake/sleep cycles.

There is a huge body of scientific literature on this phenomenon. It is therefore ideal to design a bathroom with as much natural light as possible. Make sure you have wide windows there that let the light in freely. When planning a new home or renovating, the first thing to think about is where the best spot for your bathroom is. Should it face east or north? Or maybe west or south where there is a lot of sun during the day? The light coming from the north is indirect, soft and diffuse. Certainly the best for your bathroom, right?

In the bathroom you need diffuse, soft light that enters the room through wide windows.

The best lighting in the bathroom is a lot natural light.

Before we move on to specific bathroom lighting tips, let's emphasize something fundamental about good lighting in this room. Consider that you will need some strategically placed light sources. For example, recessed ceiling lights or spotlights are a must in the modern bathroom. In no way can they spoil the chic appearance, but at the same time they emit enough diffuse light. Combine ceiling lights with wall lamps next to or above the mirror. So you have enough light when shaving or brushing your teeth, when applying make-up and styling your hair. If you opt for LED lighting, you are always on the safe side. The LED lamps are durable (20 to 40 years), energy-saving and have a positive effect on your mood. Especially if you choose those with different color temperatures and mix them in the bathroom. Then you have, for example, light, white tones for applying make-up and shaving and warm, yellowish tones for relaxing.

Rely on different light sources in the bathroom.

Lots of natural light make any bathroom look bright and inviting.

  • Practical tips for good lighting in the bathroom

The following are practical tips for good bathroom lighting that you must always keep in mind when you are furnishing, renovating or modernizing your bathroom.

Add a luxurious touch to the bathroom with a chandelier

Many homeowners like the luxury that a chandelier can bring to a room. This fits perfectly into a retro-style bathroom, but also fits perfectly into a modern interior design. If you opt for a Parisian chic crystal chandelier or just choose a modern pendant light, you need to know the current safety regulations for suitable lighting in the bathroom. Such lights must be placed at least 2 m from the bathtub. Also, you need to be well protected from water and water splashes. In addition, it is recommended that such lamps have their own switch and their light intensity can be regulated by a dimmer.

A crystal chandelier introduces a luxurious touch to this bathroom.

The pendant lamp must be about 2 m away from the bathtub.

Lighting the washstand correctly - what kind of light do you need there?

The best possible lighting for activities in front of the bathroom mirror is provided by side-mounted lights that are approximately at the user's eye level. As a result, no part of the face remains in shadow, as is the case with a ceiling light. If the mirrored wall isn't an option for you, mount the lights on the side walls or consider matching lighting above the mirror. Find out more about modern bathroom mirrors with built-in lighting. These are very trendy at the moment. Just try to get the light on both sides of the mirror, it works best that way.

The wall mirrors in the bathroom must have perfect lighting.

Nice example of modern bathroom lighting.

The space around the vanity can be small, but it can be fully utilized and really well lit.

Lighting the shower and bathtub correctly

Familiarize yourself with the building codes for lights above bathtubs and hot tubs, they are really strict. But this is important for your safety in the bathroom. In general, it is not possible to have open or hanging lights over bathtubs. This is where built-in lighting comes to the rescue. For example, downlights can be your number one choice for bathroom lighting. These are easy to assemble and ensure a soft light in the bathroom. In addition, their light can be reduced and dimmed to the desired level. In short, opt for a modern solution for the right lighting in the bathroom and you will certainly never regret this decision!

Ceiling spotlights and built-in bathroom lighting are very trendy at the moment.

You can make the dark shower room modern and somewhat mystical thanks to the right lighting.

Follow our clever practical tips for good bathroom lighting and you will have a functional space full of charm and modernity. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you the best!

Such a beautiful and well-lit bathroom leaves nothing to be desired!

Appropriate light in the bathroom modern bathroom design built-in lighting chic bathroom furniture Glass Wall

Admire other ideas for clever bathroom lighting!

Appropriate light in the bathroom beautiful modern designed room built-in ceiling lighting

These pendant lights are perfect for a retro-style bathroom.

Uniquely beautiful in retro style!

Vintage style combined with a strong dose of modernity.

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