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American popular singer and fashion icon Gwen Stefani celebrates her 50th birthday on October 3rd. The pop star was born Gwen Renee Stefani on this date 50 years ago in Fullerton, California. But when you see her today, it's hard to believe that she's 50. She still looks girly and professionally styled from head to toe. A happy smile often makes the beautifully made-up face of the mother of three shine. Her unique voice has conquered the music world for years. Gwen Stefani has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, both as a solo singer and with her band No Doubt. Today she can proudly look back on an impressive music career. The well-known singer has already received gold for several records. In 2002, Gwen Stefani won a Grammy.

Gwen Stefani was born 50 years ago on October 3rd

Today she celebrates her very special birthday.

  • Gwen Stefani And Her Enviable Music Career

The now world-famous and very popular singer began her music career as the frontwoman of the rock band "No doubt". In 1996 she celebrated her international breakthrough with the album "Tragic Kingdom". Her hit "Don't Speak" made her famous all over the world. Towards the end of the 90s, the singer gave up her career as a front woman and began to perform more and more solo. She soon made a name for herself as a solo singer. Together with the rapper Eve she made a worldwide hit with the single 'Let Me Blow Ya Mind'. In 2004 her album 'Love. Fishing rod. Music. Baby.” and confirmed her success as a solo singer. With this, Gwen Stefani finally celebrated her solo debut. Further nominations and awards followed. However, all fans of Gwen Stefani are eagerly awaiting new hits and music awards.

Gwen Stefani's music career is on the up.

Gwen Stefani is dating Blake Shelton in life and on stage.

  • What are Gwen Stefani's well-known trademarks?

Gwen Stefani undoubtedly has two trademarks - her kissable red lips and her white-blonde mane have become iconic for her. In a 2012 interview with US magazine Harper's Bazaar, the artist revealed: "I've always been a girl who loves to dress up." The 50-year-old music and fashion icon got her first lipstick from her grandmother. She thought the red color was "insanely cool" and has never stopped using it. Gwen Stefani makes no secret of the fact that she loves wearing makeup. Even at home she is chic and stylish for her husband.

Bright red lipstick is Gwen Stefani's trademark.

The second trademark of the singer is her white blonde hair. The artist was 25 years old when she first sported this hair color. It suited her then (but still today) excellently. That's why Gwen doesn't want to dye her hair any other way.

The white blonde hair color emphasizes the singer's mild features.

Today the singer also has a name as a fashion designer. Already in 2005 she got involved in the fashion world. Her first collection L.A.M.B. (an acronym from her solo album Love.Angel.Music.Baby was presented by Gwen Stefani at a fashion show in New York. Her second fashion collection was Japanese-style. Then came the third clothing line, DWP (also an acronym for Design with Purpose "): This includes jeans and t-shirts for everyday wear that can be obtained for mid-range prices. So it's no surprise that Gwen Stefani has her feet on the ground!

Happy Birthday, Gwen Stefani!

Singer and fashion icon Gwen Stefani with her three sons.

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