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The French are known for their fine sense of beauty and impeccable taste. French chic or the unique French style is always and everywhere recognizable, both in fashion and in interior design and decoration. French chic in the interior immediately makes the room sophisticated and exquisite, makes it look sophisticated and sublime. We have already reported on Parisian chic in a number of articles. On our website you can also find interesting articles about the French Provence style. But today we want to explain the special flair of French Chic and take a close look at its special features. We also give you some helpful tips on how to imitate French chic in your own four walls. Why not treat yourself to the luxury of living like the French do?

French chic in interiors means combining grandeur, sophistication and charm in a special whole.

Modern meets old-fashioned and forms the unique French flair.

  • The French chic in the interior skilfully mixes room elements from different eras

The French know how to appreciate old traditions in their living culture and especially in interior design. Modern meets old-fashioned in their interior and results in the special French flair. That is why we see a unique mix of room elements from different eras in every French house. Contemporary and very modern furniture, for example, stands in front of the classic fireplace or next to an old, finely decorated chest of drawers. This mixture of elements from very different times and styles does not disturb the overall picture at all. But on the contrary! This is how the French interior was designed in a refined and sublime, tasteful and super chic way.

In the French style, you can mix room elements from different eras.

The walls and ceiling are decorated, the large wall mirror has a gilded frame and the seating set is modern. Is something disturbing the look? Hardly!

Individual room elements are skillfully matched and result in a modern and chic look that is full of charm and personality. In French chic in the interior you do not need too much furniture or lavish room decoration. The French like it simple and stylish at the same time. You want few pieces of furniture that are comfortable, practical and in the right place. They restore old wall moldings and ceiling rosettes, bring new life to mantelpieces and adorn interiors with minimalism or mid-century artwork for a contrasting and chic look. The following examples can certainly convince you of this ability of the French.

Old and new in an unsurpassable whole.

Actually, the authentic French chic in the interior is difficult to imitate.

  • How do you achieve French chic in the interior?

We have to be honest: the French chic in the interior is so overwhelming and unsurpassable at the same time that many people certainly want to imitate this style in their apartments and houses. But how do you succeed? We give you practical tips for introducing the French flair into your home.

  • Choose a neutral color palette

If you want to achieve a timeless French look in your own walls, then opt for neutral colors and soft shades. These create the best background for elegant old or super modern furniture. Gilded elements on the fireplace or on the vintage furniture are allowed, but no garish accents are desired. Of the neutral colors, French Chic interiors are dominated primarily by various shades of gray and soft cognac tones, which are complemented by beige and off-white.

Rely on neutral colors, for example from cognac to beige to off-white.

Gray in all nuances is in demand in French Chic interiors and is used a lot. This is the best color choice in this minimalist designed living space.

This light color scheme makes any room feel bigger and more airy, which is essential for French style. Also create neutral colors make a beautiful backdrop for adding any kind of artwork. In addition, you can easily create contrasts in the room due to the soft color palette. For example, add dark furniture and artwork, or opt for classic, gilded accents, e.g. gilded picture frames or furniture legs, and voila! Your French chic interior is here!

The neutral color palette in the French living room creates the perfect backdrop for modern paintings.

Gold-plated accents on the crystal chandelier or on the elegant coffee table are simply among the most popular room elements of the French.

A chic and thoroughly modern ambience can only be refreshed with copper-colored accents on the mirror and chandelier.

  • Antique objects are a must in French Chic interiors

French Chic is something very special anyway. We can't imagine a modern French living space without a few antique finds. So feel free to introduce some vintage furniture and art pieces into the room design. It would be great if you maybe have an old fireplace and can restore or decorate it in a chic way. As we have already mentioned, the French refrain from having too much furniture. They prefer to leave more space in between so the room feels airy and spacious.

The French living room is spacious, light and airy.

Under no circumstances should it be overloaded with furniture.

Of course, you shouldn't overdo it with the antique items either. You won't need many of these: just a few of these are enough in most cases to create a beautiful French-inspired ambience. French chic triumphs there!

You don't need a lot of old pieces of furniture or the French room will feel crowded.

Old sculptures, pictures and other decorative elements live together with green plants.

If you are a real fan of French chic interiors, take enough time to look at all the pictures below. These can be an excellent source of inspiration for you, to imitate the French style also in your home.

Never overload the room with too much furniture and decorative items.

Let plenty of light flood into the room. That makes it even more inviting!

All the tips and tricks described above also apply to the French bedroom. The dark low board stands in contrast to the dominant light colors.

The light color palette also dominates in the bedroom.

Gray and blue go hand in hand.

The kitchen and dining room are not separate, because according to the French they belong together.

Typical - French chic in the dining room!

You can also have a dining area in the living room next to the fireplace, where you can comfortably drink tea or coffee.

The kitchen and dining area can also be designed in a minimalist style.

Highlights in blood red or another bright color are a rarity.

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