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In big cities, small apartments are more the rule than a rarity. Lack of space is therefore a common problem in modern studio apartments. In these, there are basically no interior walls, which is an advantage for some people. Others, however, see this as a disadvantage because their privacy is sometimes disturbed. If you own a small 1-room apartment, you might not even think about designing individual areas in the limited living space, right? However, if you want to separate the kitchen from the living and sleeping area, then you need an elegant room divider. This is a modern room element that was literally designed to close off rooms and separate areas within a room. However, a room divider is a great way for you to make your small home more cozy and stylish. In the following, we will show you which design options elegant room dividers offer and how you can make the most of them for your interior.

There are many ways to separate individual areas from one another and to make your home cozy and stylish.

The stairs to the second floor can be discreetly hidden behind the room divider and not catch your eye while you are eating.

  • Transparent room dividers are often preferred over other options

If you have a small apartment, your room divider should not optically complete the ambience. In this regard, transparent partitions help those who prefer an open space but want to delimit areas. It can be a transparent white curtain. Or would you rather have one with fringes?

Light, transparent curtains separate the sleeping area.

Appropriate lighting makes the room atmosphere magical.

If you think elegant glass sliding doors and modern screens are only typical of a Japanese living room, then you are wrong. Such options have also become very popular with us. The sliding doors could be made of frosted glass, even slightly colored or finished with wooden slats. The designs, colors and appearance of these transparent or semi-transparent room dividers vary and mainly depend on the style and color scheme of your room. But their biggest selling point is that your small space doesn't feel even smaller. And this way you can avoid any claustrophobic confinement.

Sliding glass doors are the most popular option for elegant room dividers.

A practical solution for small spaces.

  • Partitions with storage space are a practical option for modern room dividers

The practical and aesthetic can be brought together by choosing a modern room divider with storage. This can even be an entire partition that is functional and offers good storage units. This is definitely a practical solution and can help you a lot with the good organization of the rooms. This can be an open shelving that is cleverly placed while still providing enough storage space. The shelves could also be made of glass or wood and the supporting structure made of light metal or again made of wood. Such a partition has another important advantage: it can be realized as a DIY project. That means if you like to build various things yourself at home, then roll up your sleeves here too!

Very practical option with storage space!

This great and very practical wooden bookshelf can be easily built by any DIY fan himself.

And how do you like this idea for a room divider and bookcase in one?

  • Modern room divider as an eye-catcher

Last but not least, let's not forget that modern room dividers are often used as decorative accents. This is a great decoration idea for a small space. Your room divider can be designed with textures, colors and patterns to add visual interest. For example, put some travel souvenirs or gifts, photos of your loved ones on it and you have a great eye-catcher at home. On the one hand, the room divider draws everyone Looks, on the other hand, it makes the room seem bigger. And don't you feel like you don't have closets, but a window to another world? Great idea, isn't it?

Now look at all the examples of modern and elegant room dividers and choose the best variant for your small apartment!

Here you can display your favorite books and souvenirs.

This room divider separates your sleeping oasis from the living area and is very elegant.

An elegant room divider between the hallway and living area catches the eye with its simple design.

A screen offers more flexibility in use.

Red curtains were chosen here to separate the bookcase from the living area if necessary.

Elegant room dividers are also widely used in offices.

Glass walls help to work undisturbed in the home office.

The modern room divider has a decorative function and often serves as an eye-catcher in the room.

Elegant room dividers bring new aesthetics into your home!

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