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We in the Freshideen editorial team, just like our numerous readers, are constantly prepared for unexpected news from the lives of stars and celebrities. Nevertheless, the split from actress Katie Holmes (40) and her rapper boyfriend Jamie Foxx (51) surprised us. Both are famous and popular, interest in their relationship is high. According to well-informed sources, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for six years. They have so far successfully tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye. So we don't know much about it. Even at official events, both stars only appeared together once. That was in May this year at the Met Gala in New York. There they broke through their secrecy and had their picture taken together for the first time. This was their debut as a couple. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are said to be all over now. Hard to believe!

Katie Holmes dated rapper Jamie Foxx for six years.

Shortly after their couple's debut at this year's Met Gala, they split up.

  • What could have been the reason for the split between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx?

The split between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is currently the hot topic in Hollywood and logically dominates the Twitter world. For years there were only rumors and secret dates plus a few paparazzi photos of both. They made their love public at the Met Gala in May, but it was short-lived. Then came rumors of cheating on the part of Jamie Foxx. The rapper recently went to a party with a young model named Sela Vave (21) in Los Angeles, while Katie Holmes was in New York. The intimate manner in which the rapper accompanies the young up-and-coming singer leads many to conclude that Katie Holmes' relationship is over. Some even suspect that he is consoling himself about the separation from the actress. The young model Sela Vave is not half as old as the singer. But she wants a career as a singer and actress do.

This photo of Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave quickly went around the world.

Sela Vave is a young model but also wants to make it as an actress and singer, especially with the help and support of Jamie Foxx.

  • Katie Holmes doesn't have much luck with men

The "Dawson's Creek" actress has made a good film career so far and is known for her roles on Broadway, but things are not going well in her personal life. She was briefly engaged to longtime boyfriend Chris Klein, but called off the engagement in 2004. In April 2005 she began a relationship with Hollywood star Tom Cruise and after two months she married the well-known Scientologist. But she is said to have felt too restricted in this marriage. Above all, her husband's addiction to control put her under pressure. Tom Cruise wanted to control their phone and credit cards, mutual friends say. Katie Holmes has divorced after six years of family life. But she went through a difficult divorce process. After that she left Los Angeles and lives with her daughter Suri far away from Tom Cruise, namely in New York. At the time, her divorce made headlines in the media.

Katie Holmes has some bad luck with the men in her life.

Her relationship with Jamie Foxx also lasted six years. Her friends think that both stars are too opposite and not right for each other. The rapper is known for his mega parties, he is the extrovert type of person to go out. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, has a clean girl image. She takes care of her daughter alone, enjoys going to the theater and spends a lot of time with her mother. However, some paparazzi photos show her with Jamie Foxx and the actress looks happy. Therefore, it remains a mystery what exactly could be the reason for Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx split. We have to be patient because neither of them have made any comments or official reports about it so far. But one day it will come to light!

The time we shared with rapper Jamie Foxx is over.

There were beautiful moments for Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

But she dumped him.

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