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Want to enjoy the charm of the great outdoors every day? Would you like to discover the charm of old houses and live in the countryside? In recent years, interest in apartments and houses in the country has grown enormously. More and more people want to live away from the big city and rediscover the peace and beauty of rural life instead of the hustle and bustle. If you also belong to this group, then you have come to the right place today. Because we want to give you clever tips on how to create a cozy home in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful landscape. This is about old barns and how to convert these former utility buildings into spacious apartments. Surely you know that a barn can be 100 or maybe 150 years old. but in good shape! This is remodelable and can be your new home in the country.

The old barn has been converted and is now a cozy home.

There are numerous old barns here in Germany, but also all over Europe. These are often in quiet areas and on the best plots of land in a location. The former utility buildings are always seamlessly integrated into the overall landscape. An old barn can be found, for example, in the village center or on a hill with good visibility.

But most of the barns are empty today and are no longer used. However, such an old utility building is usually of solid construction and thick walls of red creek stones. The changeable weather outside and the long years have of course taken their toll on it, but with a good budget and a lot of will you can convert a neglected barn into a cozy home. When converting a barn, you can let your imagination and creativity come into play and design everything according to your own wishes and needs. But you will soon find out what needs to be taken into account!

Old barns are usually in sunny and visible places.

  • Key Old Barn Conversion Tips

  • Many old ones From an architectural point of view, barns are very special buildings and are therefore under monument protection. They are part of our historical heritage. For this reason, it is advisable to check with the Monuments Office first before deciding to buy or start converting a barn.
  • Converting a barn into a dwelling also means changing the purpose of the building. In addition, such a change of use is not permitted everywhere. It would be best to ask the building authority in advance.
  • Calculate the barn conversion costs very carefully and secure appropriate financing. You should certainly also involve an architect in the project. He will guide the whole process step by step and will always be at your side with advice and action.

The already converted barn needs to be inviting and make the best first impression on friends and passers-by.

  • Sometimes barn conversions are more complicated than building new ones. First the old utility building has to be gutted. Remove partitions, ceilings and floors. Then you have the freedom to customize the interior of the barn.
  • There is not much light in old barns. But if you want to transform the building into a cozy house, then you have to plan large windows and wide doors, maybe also pre-plan one or a few skylights. But first ask your architect what is allowed and where you can make large openings, because this will change the statics of the existing building. But one thing is certain: you need a lot of light in your new home.

Large windows and wide sliding glass doors allow plenty of light into the barn conversion.

  • Last but not least, you must also consider the Energy Saving Ordinance. While farm buildings are not subject to this, it poses a new challenge when converting the old barn into a comfortable home. Thermal insulation is now urgently needed. This is required for the roof, interior walls and floor.

Extra Tip: Be forewarned that the necessary insulation can add significant costs to the whole barn conversion.

The barn must have retained its authentic look after the renovation.

This covered porch has been added on but fits perfectly to the old construction of the barn.

You can even set up an outdoor kitchen.

  • A barn must remain a barn while also functioning as a cozy home

This is now the hardest part of remodeling a barn. The authentic look of the old building must be preserved so that the barn looks really rural from the outside. This means that you don't have to change the outer walls of the building much, possibly repaint them. But inside you have a lot to do. The entrance must be well defined, because the first impression is crucial in most cases. Inside, the barn must retain its rustic charm, but be welcoming and comfortable. Therefore, provide wide windows so that you do not have a dark corner in your new home. Maybe you also install modern glass doors that lead to the porch. Make the most of the open living concept. Divide the room into individual areas and set them up uniformly so that they don't differ much from each other in style.

Wide sliding glass doors lead to the veranda.

You can let your imagination run wild with the interior design.

Surely you would need some interior walls to define spaces and guarantee the privacy of each occupant. Perhaps the existing building construction allows the installation of a mezzanine. When designing the stairs, you can let your imagination run wild. Just like the roof design. Leave the old wooden beams free, it looks so authentically rustic! You can also get a brick wall and install it in the entire interior. It will quickly become an interior focal point and add to the natural appeal of your barn interior design. Then choose suitable furniture that fits your design concept. Retro lamps and lanterns, chandeliers and candlesticks complete the picture. When you've done all that, you can then invite your friends and family over to your housewarming party. You have done a lot and can now look forward to your new home! And be very proud of it!

The open living concept provides you with previously unknown design options.

The rustic charm of the barn must be preserved.

The barn conversion can look so cozy and give you a lot of home comforts.

The stone wall around the fireplace definitely draws everyone's attention.

The open plan living concept allows you to easily define individual areas inside the converted barn.

Comfort at different levels.

The kitchen is a must in every home.

This kitchen island fits perfectly into the overall design concept of the barn.

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