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Princess Haya of Jordan has been the focus of media interest for weeks. The 45-year-old Haya bint al Hussein made headlines with her successful escape from a forced marriage to the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Raschid Al Maktoum (70). There was also speculation about an alleged affair with her bodyguard. It is even assumed that it was precisely with his help that she was able to escape from the Sheikh. Princess Haya took her two children on the run and 35 million euros to start a new life in Europe. Although it was unclear for weeks exactly where she was, she made her first public appearance in late July. The first hearings were held at the High Court in London on July 30th and 31st. It is about the custody of the two children of Princess Haya and the Emir of Dubai. But also a fortune of almost five billion.

The court battle over custody of her children began in London at the end of July.

  • Who is Princess Haya?

Princess Haya is a daughter of the former Jordanian King Hussein and half-sister of today's ruler Abdullah II. However, she grew up in Great Britain, where she attended private schools and studied philosophy, politics and economics at the renowned Oxford University. The intelligent woman has been married to Sheikh Mohammed since 2004 and is his sixth wife.

The Ruler of Dubai is still Vice President, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the United Arab Emirates. The couple have two children together, an 11-year-old daughter named Al Jalila and a 7-year-old son, Zayed. After fleeing Dubai, Princess Haya and the children are to live in a 95 million euro villa in London, near Kensington Palace. According to British newspapers, she is said to be friends with the royal family. In London, Princess Haya is said to be guarded by a private security service. According to various newspapers, she is said to have applied for political asylum in Great Britain.

On July 30, Princess Haya appeared publicly for the first time since her forced marriage escape High Court in London.

  • Princess Haya faces the most important fight of her life

Princess Haya and the Sheikh of Dubai surprisingly published a joint statement on July 25th. It says the court is concerned with "the welfare of the two children of their marriage and not divorce or finances." But according to experts, trials of this magnitude are really bitter, so expect a real “court battle”. An anonymous source is said to have reported that the sheikh has now filed for divorce. This is said to have been prepared at the beginning of July.

Princess Haya and top barrister Fiona Shackleton outside the High Court in London.

Now Princess Haya begins the hardest fight of her life. The Supreme Court in London has to clarify who gets custody of the children. If it comes to a divorce, the dispute will be over a fortune of almost 5 billion euros. The princess has already hired star lawyer Fiona Shackleton (63), who represented popular pop singer Madonna in her divorce from Guy Ritchie. Meanwhile, Princess Haya asked the High Court in London for guardianship of her children. She said she fled Dubai fearing for her safety and that of the children. She is also asking for two orders: one to protect against forced marriage, the other to protect against domestic violence. According to the British media, Sheikh Mohammed, who was not present at the hearings in London, is said to have submitted an application for the children to be returned to Dubai. So, the court battle begins and it will definitely be long and difficult.

Princess Haya is a current rebel for women's rights.

  • There have already been other escape attempts in the family of the Sheikh of Dubai

There is not much information about the private life of Sheikh Mohammed. However, it is known that he has six wives and 23 children. Two of Mohammed's adult daughters, Princess Shamsa and Princess Latifa, have already attempted to flee their father. In both cases, however, the sheik took full action and both daughters are said to have been brought back with "brutal violence". The first escape attempt was in 2000 when Princess Shamsa fled her father's property in south-east England. She showed up in Cambridge a few weeks later but was kidnapped and taken back to Dubai. There should they spent eight years in prison. According to other sources, she has never been seen since that incident.

Princess Haya fears for her safety and that of her children. And for very understandable reasons.

In February 2022, Mohammed's daughter Latifa also made a spectacular attempt to escape. The young woman tried to escape from "her father's golden cage" by jet ski and yacht. However, she was finally stopped by a special unit off the Indian coast and forcibly returned to Dubai. Even before her escape attempt, Sheikha Latifa told in a 39-minute video about her father's "big ego" and heinous deeds, calling him "evil personified". "He's the devil, there's nothing good about him. He kills people to protect his reputation," Latifa says in the video. Princess Haya then tried to mediate in this family dispute. But now she herself is on the run from the ruler of Dubai. She has succeeded so far. The public is clearly on their side awaiting the full hearing in the High Court in London. This will take place on November 11th of this year.

The intelligent woman escaped a forced marriage with the Sheikh of Dubai.

Would Princess Haya be able to laugh again soon? That is still to be seen.

The full hearing at the High Court in London will take place in November.

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