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Red-brown bricks used to be used primarily on house facades. Today, an original brick wall is a real eye-catcher in the interior and desired by many homeowners. Having an authentic brick wall in your own four walls is always a good reason to use your creativity and skillfully integrate it into the interior design. Although brick walls are typical of the industrial style, they can add a special character to any room. A brick wall in the bedroom, for example, brings warmth and coziness to the space and adds a strong dose of quaint chic. It is decorative and at the same time absolutely eye-catching, so that the WOW effect is guaranteed in any case. The bricks are the perfect background to show off your furniture and decorative items. We want to show how you can achieve this using impressive design ideas for brick walls in the bedroom. These can definitely be a great source of inspiration for anyone!

The brick wall behind the bed draws everyone's attention.

  • The brick wall in the bedroom is immediately transformed into an eye-catcher

A brick wall in the bedroom always draws everyone's attention and is the definitive focal point of the room. Usually she stands directly behind the sleeping bed. It can stand out in a variety of colors that correspond with or contrast with the interior.

The usual color here is reddish brown. This warm nuance looks natural and emphasizes the authentic look of the brick wall. If you don't like the original color of the bricks or if it's too flashy, you can paint the brick wall in another shade of your choice. In most cases, however, this is easier said than done. This often means a lot of work and effort. Because the exposed brick wall must first be thoroughly cleaned and then mortared so that any cavities that may have formed are filled. Only then can you repaint the original brick wall. Especially if you want to turn this into an accent wall in your bedroom.

An authentic brick wall in the bedroom which is reddish brown in the original colour.

The reddish brown of the brook stone wall here goes perfectly with the entire furnishings in the bedroom.

When it comes to the right color, you're sure to be spoiled for choice. In specialist shops you will find all sorts of nuances that will fit perfectly into your interior. Many homeowners choose white, believing that the brick wall looks nicer and introduces a sense of width to the bedroom. However, you can also choose grey, beige or sandy yellow if these soft nuances suit your bedroom decor better and provide visual balance in the room. Because in the bedroom, calm and comfort must dominate, right?

A white brick wall emphasizes the calm vibe and rustic flair in this bedroom.

Sand yellow for the brick wall is the right decision here. The color provides visual balance in the room.

Very rarely one chooses a saturated shade from the red palette and paints the original brick wall in this shade. This makes them even more attractive, but too intense a shade can negatively affect your sleep. However, everyone can decide for themselves what they want in the bedroom, depending on their individual taste and personal style.

An intense color makes the brick in the bedroom even more eye-catching.

  • The brick look of the brick wall can really be imitated

If you don't have an authentic brick wall in the bedroom, but you like the brick look, you don't have to hang your head right away. Because the attractive look of the bricks can be imitated very well. Modern wallpaper and wall panels often look like real brick walls. They also have a big plus point - you don't have to constantly clean or care for them. No mortar, no dust! In any case, the best hygiene should prevail in your bedroom, so these modern brick wall imitations are also a suitable solution. However, how you design your walls at home is entirely up to you and, above all, depends on your own preferences. We just want something helpful and introduce you to interesting design ideas.

One can have doubts here - is that a real brick wall or rather an imitation?

In the contrast between gray and black.

Scroll down now and keep getting inspired by the charming pictures for an attractive brick wall at home! The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun watching!

Now follow some examples with a brick wall in the bedroom where the rustic touches dominate.

Tone on tone in vintage style.

Great idea for Boho style fans!

In the bedroom with a sloping roof, the brick wall is always in the right place.

Artistic types would feel right at home in this bedroom with a unique semicircular window and exposed brick wall.

The practical furnishings in a modern bedroom do not rule out an authentic brick wall.

Your bedroom can combine modern and rustic elements under one roof.

If you love gray and dark blue…

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