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Paris is known as the city of love and fashion. The French capital exudes a special charm that is enchanting. That's why we want to dress, dwell and live like the Parisians. Paris also sets the tone when it comes to interior design. The Parisian attitude to life spreads in every typically French interior. This is about a style that combines high but somewhat casual elegance with creativity and sophistication. This is Parisian chic! This furnishing style is neither puristic nor minimalist, it is far away from vintage or shabby chic, but joie de vivre and cosiness are very important in this furnishing concept. This is a personal style where every little detail tells its own story. Parisian chic will make you forget the outside world and immerse yourself in an elegant atmosphere full of chic furniture, heirlooms and souvenirs. Par excellence, Parisian chic is great! You will soon find out exactly what characterizes this furnishing style!

Parisian chic is a unique interior style that is difficult to replicate.

Rooms like this never go out of style.

  • What characterizes a Parisian chic living room?

If you want to furnish, or rather imitate, a real Parisian living room, paint the walls white! White walls are a key design element in this interior style. The combination of high ceilings and pure white walls makes the living room feel light, airy and classic no matter what else is in the room. Such a combination sets the right tone for the whole interior design. White walls serve as the lavish backdrop against which elegant furniture and personal home accessories are better showcased.

White walls and high ceilings are a must in any Parisian chic interior.

The parquet floor completes the cozy picture.

Hardwood flooring is decidedly Parisian. When it comes to floor design, wooden floors are the absolute classic in Paris apartments. It is a well-known fact that wood is a natural material that radiates warmth and also spreads it in the interior. It goes well with all colors and very different decorations, while the parquet gives the floor a reserved flair. If you choose a dark shade, you get a chic contrast to the white walls. Everything is left to your ingenuity here. It is important that you achieve a cozy and personal look in the living room!

The Parisian chic living room looks cosy, elegant and very personal at the same time.

Expressive and squiggly - that's how you can describe Parisian chic in a nutshell.

  • Discover joie de vivre, elegance and sophistication even in the smallest details in Parisian chic

A classic element in Parisian living rooms are decorative shapes. These can, for example, be inserted as you wish: as a decoration on the walls, above the baseboards, on the fireplace or on the ceiling. It's about framing the walls in a neutral way that demonstrates character and doesn't limit the decorating potential. Regardless of whether you use ceiling moldings or rosettes, for example, a ceiling medallion is the ideal accent that immediately draws the eye upwards. Plus, this is yet another must-have on the list of squiggly items. But the crowning glory would be a thoroughly elegant chandelier.

This decorates the ceiling and the whole interior! It is often in visual harmony with the decorative moldings and rosettes and is always richly decorated. These elements fit the Parisian lifestyle. If you want to emulate Parisian chic in your own home, then you need to consider beforehand whether or not such elements will suit your personal style.

The crystal chandelier is a real focal point in this Parisian living room.

The elegant and ornate chandelier enhances the enchanting impression of this refined French setting.

As mentioned above, an ornate chandelier is a must for a chic Parisian living room. It not only adds elegance and sophistication to the room, but also balances it. If the furniture is modern, but the room has a retro touch through other design elements, a beautiful vintage-style chandelier can spice up the living room in just the right way. If the living room is dominated by retro furniture, a modern chandelier can hang just right there, expressing the French mix of styles. If you hesitate and don't know exactly what a Parisian chic chandelier should look like, then choose crystal! You can never go wrong with this!

Nice, nicer… . Parisian chic!

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to the fireplace in the Parisian living room, as it is a striking feature of Parisian chic interiors. The elegant fireplace in the living room creates an unmistakable atmosphere. A stylishly decorated mantel takes it to a new stylistic level. A large mirror can be seen on the wall above the fireplace in most rooms. This is another typical element in the Parisian chic style and rounds off the refined room look.

A large mirror in an ornate frame hangs on the wall above the fireplace.

Parisian chic living room looks cozy and stylish.

Now take a few minutes to look through the entire image gallery. We're sure you'll love Parisian chic. Actually, a lot can be said about this special furnishing style. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the subject in sufficient detail in a single article. That's why you can check our website more often and read other interesting articles about the elegant and refined Parisian chic style.

The home accessories have their own story here.

They add a lot to the personal character of the Parisian chic living room.

The large mirror isn't hanging over the fireplace, here it is leaning against the wall next to it.

Fine art paintings by favorite artists are preferred over bland images.

Casual elegance meets French sophistication here.

Every Parisian chic living room is characterized by personality and joie de vivre.

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