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We love Paris! Maybe that's why we are so fascinated by the Parisian chic in the interior. This is a delightful interior style that represents a wonderful combination of sophistication, vintage, contemporary beauty and timeless elegance. And always inscribes itself well in every ambience. Would you also like to design a room with Parisian flair in your home? We have already presented some interesting ideas for Parisian chic in the living room. Today we want to take a look into the bathroom and find out what that means: Parisian chic in the bathroom. French designed and furnished with attention to the smallest detail, the bathroom is transformed from a room for personal hygiene into a room for living. There you can enjoy the freshness of the water and the calming effect of the silence in solitude in a stylishly designed environment. French sophistication, elegance and creativity come together in the Parisian bathroom and the result is truly fascinating!

Parisian chic in the bathroom - the absolute design classic!

Modern French luxury!

  • Parisian chic in the bathroom - classic, modern and trendy at the same time!

You're probably wondering what constitutes the French charm in the bathroom? We'll reveal the secret in a moment: that's the unique mix of colors and bathroom furniture. These look absolutely classic but are packed with modern and luxurious touches, making the bathroom look inviting and trendy. The art of creating such a sophisticated ambience begins with the right choice of colour. The Parisian chic style does not like bright shades. On the contrary, here you have to rely on classic white and neutral colors. These make the perfect background for some dark accents. Choose black for a high-contrast look. If the color duo black and white seems too classic or too puristic, you can introduce softer shades, for example ivory, ocher or other creamy nuances. Then add some brown for contrast add.

This is what Parisian chic looks like in the bathroom! Soft colors, darker accents, sculptures, mirrors and other decorations! Simply a bathroom where you can also live!

If you like contrasts… .

The bathroom furniture and accessories in Parisian chic are absolutely classic, but interpreted in a modern way. For example, a bathtub with claw feet should not be missing there. This makes a strong statement that you like the classic look. However, you can opt for a modern oval bathtub or choose another, somewhat unusual shape. These bring a modern flair to the bathroom and are perfectly inscribed in Parisian chic. In addition to the bathtub, the French bathroom also has a stylishly designed vanity or console table. This can also be in vintage style. A side table should not be missing there either, even a few chairs and a dressing table are also a must.

With a clawfoot bathtub you make a strong statement and show your inclination for classic bathroom design.

On the wall in front of the dressing table, but also above the bathtub or somewhere else, a large mirror is a must. On the one hand it attracts attention with its chic ornate or elegantly gilded frame, on the other hand it reinforces the classic Parisian chic look in the bathroom. At the same time, the oversized wall mirror is proof that Parisian women appreciate their beauty and take good care of it.

A large wall mirror in an ornate frame seamlessly inscribes the Parisian chic in the bathroom.

You will also find art paintings on the walls in many French bathrooms.

  • Decoration is an important part of creating Parisian chic in the bathroom

Paris bathrooms use a lot of marble and subtly patterned tiles in different shapes and sizes. These create the basis for further decoration in the bathroom. Parisian decoration is about various smaller or larger, but very chic decorative items. A fireplace can stand next to the large wall mirror and also become a definite eye-catcher in the room. Chic works of art and small sculptures complement the French chic. draped Curtains decorate the windows. They are not used to protect the bathroom from prying eyes, but rather to reinforce the stylish atmosphere of Parisian chic in the bathroom. One or two evergreen houseplants fulfill the same function and also cut a fine figure here.

The two green plants add a fresh touch to this Parisian-chic bathroom.

You can also often see white flowers in a glass vase there.

But the icing on the cake in the French bathroom is without a doubt the chandelier! It's always classic, mostly made of crystal and richly decorated. This is the absolute eye-catcher and attracts everyone's attention! An elegant chandelier is a must in Parisian chic in the bathroom, as well as in the other rooms designed in this style. Of course, a trendy chandelier also fits into a modern Parisian-chic bathroom. In no way does it disturb the French style. Which chandelier you choose for Parisian chic in the bathroom is ultimately up to you, but there should be one in this very room!

The crystal chandelier catches your eye immediately… .

… and draws everyone's attention!

Scroll down now and get more inspiration for Parisian chic in the bathroom. You can find more great design ideas for the delightful furnishing style in the bathroom from our picture gallery!

Parisian chic in the bathroom in its modern version.

A modern French bathroom looks so inviting and trendy.

But the classic style often dominates!

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