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Architects and interior designers know best - restoring a historic building is always a big challenge for the whole team. On the one hand, efforts are being made to preserve the original character of the building. On the other hand, after the restoration, one wants to have a house that meets the modern demands and needs of contemporary residents. For these reasons, it is a bit complicated to bring the eventful history and the modern way of life of their current owners to a common denominator, precisely when restoring historical buildings. But, however, that is not impossible. In this post we want to show you such a charming example of an old villa in Puerto Rico. After a perfect restoration, it now shines in new splendor. Those who want to spend their holidays in a harmonious environment can rent the restored villa and enjoy pure relaxation far away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the big city.

After the perfect restoration, the villa is in new splendor.

  • The restoration of this historic villa was urgently needed

This villa is located in Puerto Rico and looks back on an interesting and eventful history. Originally built in the 1920s, it was badly damaged by Hurricane 2022 two years ago. Last year the building was in poor condition.

The architects of the Champalimaud Foundation got involved in its reconstruction and brought the building to life. Today it impresses again with its colonial style and imposing architecture. Like other buildings in this architectural style, elements of classicism are combined with contemporary architectural motifs. In addition, they could be successfully adapted to the peculiarities of the country.

The restored villa also includes a wide and well-maintained park area, where elements of the colonial style can also be seen.

The villa has a living space of 750 square meters and is located on the largest property on Dorado Beach in Porto Rico. This is now a Ritz-Carlton Preserve with numerous golf courses and a decadently decorated spa center and botanical gardens. Champalimaud renovated and furnished the home, creating an elegant, luxurious five bedroom villa. This is surrounded by a well-kept green area and a little further you can already see the lush flora of the Caribbean.

In the evening you can immerse yourself in the unique and quite romantic atmosphere of the Caribbean.

  • What does the historic villa score with after the restoration?

The architects opted for an understated, neutral palette, using mostly natural local materials. They mainly used oak wood and laid the floors in black and white tiles. Many of the furnishings, for example, from the side tables to the sofas and upholstered furniture, are made to measure by Champalimaud Design. They were guided by the desire that these perfectly complement the main features of the original building.

Inside the villa looks so stylish after the restoration.

The last thing the designers wanted is for the historic mansion to be taken too seriously or appear too static. That's why freedom of movement and relaxation were at the top of her list of priorities. A key change that the architects at Champalimaud Design made to live up to their vision of domestic bliss was to extend a balcony and skillfully connect it to the interior space.

Home happiness also prevails in the dining room.

During the restoration work on the villa, the architects and interior designers were guided by the original design concept of the building, namely a strong holiday flair should be felt everywhere here. That's why you see a hammock in one of the rooms, a garden shower is in one place outside on the spacious terrace. The interior design is cozy and relaxing, with well-defined areas for relaxation and long chats with family and friends. The house feels more like a family home where you really live. All you have to do is kick off your shoes and step inside, and you'll be overwhelmed by the laid-back vibe here. Actually, you don't feel like in the perfectly restored villa in a rental house with an outdoor porch, but has the feeling of being at home.

Here you feel at home… .

In the hammock on the covered veranda you forget the stress of everyday life and the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

To make your vacation at this villa perfect, a teal tiled infinity pool has been built outside that blends with the waves of the North Atlantic. Tall and lush palm trees frame the property, giving guests a sense of privacy and seclusion from the outside world. Is there anything more you could wish for from a vacation in the Caribbean?

The small pool is waiting for its guests! Brave vacationers can also swim, surf or dive in the Caribbean Sea.

Anyone interested in exotic plants has come to the right place.

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