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The world-famous German model and mother of four Heidi Klum (46) is tireless. This weekend she will appear in front of the altar for the third time, on Capri. On the Italian limestone island in a quite romantic atmosphere, she gives her fiancé, the "Tokio Hotel" singer Tom Kaulitz (29), the yes word. Thanks to the great media interest, they both turned the event into The wedding of the year. You can read a lot about it on the Internet, for example what kind of wedding dress the model is wearing, which wedding guests have already arrived and who is still to come. However, the name of Heidi Klum's ex-husband is missing from the list of invited stars and celebrities. Apparently, the well-known singer Seal (56) shows no interest in his ex's wedding and is currently in Los Angeles.

The German model was married to the well-known singer Seal for 9 years, from 2005 to 2014.

  • Singer Seal will not be present at the wedding in Italy

Singer Seal was recently spotted at the Los Angeles airport by paparazzi who immediately asked him questions about his ex-wife Heidi Klum's wedding. But he obviously didn't feel like commenting on the model's new happiness and appeared as if he knew nothing about the wedding.

Asked about the big event of Heidi and Tom Kaulitz in Italy, he answered ironically with the words: "That's new to me". A grin on his face, however, suggested he was well informed about the ex-Victoria's Secret Angle's third wedding. The popular and successful singer couldn't resist a biting comment. "Let's talk about something more interesting," Seal added, showing he didn't care at all. Instead of congratulations, he surprised everyone with scathing statements about his ex.

Not everything that glitters is gold! Pictures like this are definitely a thing of the past.

This weekend is the ex-Victoria's Secret Angle the “I do” word to the “Hotel Tokio” star on Capri.

  • Seal wants to live not far from his children for the next few years

As is known, the model was in a relationship with sports and industry manager Flavio Briatore from March to December 2003. She was already pregnant with her first child when she split from Renault's Formula 1 team boss. Shortly thereafter, she began dating singer Seal. He was also present at the birth of their daughter Leni (15) in New York City in May 2004 and adopted the baby. Seal and Heidi have three more children together. Henry is already 14 years old and Johan is 13. Their little daughter Lou is now ten. Everyone was very happy together.

The mother of four with her offspring.

Now the situation is very different. While Heidi dreams of a baby with her new husband Tom Kaulitz, singer Seal does not want to live far from their children. According to the Daily Mail, he has already bought a three-million-euro villa in the mountains of Santa Monica. The luxury property is just 30 km from Heidi's posh residence in Bel Air. That means Seal is moving close to his children. Although all four teenagers are fascinated by the "Tokio Hotel" star, their father wants to remain involved in their lives. Seal feels kids need a mature male caregiver at their difficult age. That's what he is! But we want to wait and see if a new blended family is formed!

Heidi Klum found her new happiness with Tom Kaulitz.

The glamorous wedding of the two lovebirds takes place this weekend on the Italian island of Capri.

Instead of congratulations, the well-known singer Seal only made an ironic and somewhat scathing statement about his ex's wedding.

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