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The founder of the Virgin Group often makes headlines in the media or likes to be the focus of public attention. Richard Branson may be the most flamboyant and fun-loving entrepreneur alive, but he knows how to make money and how to reinvest it or donate it to a good cause. The big businessman doesn't bother with small things. Anything he touches turns into money. He has founded a total of 360 companies and has an estimated 2016 net worth of $5 billion according to Forbes. Richard Branson finds that reason enough to realize his daring ideas and childhood dreams, or at least to try to realize them.

Richard Branson has both feet firmly on the ground.

Although the well-known entrepreneur turned 69 on July 18, he is not even thinking about retirement. The adventurous billionaire is making new plans and still has a lot of things he wants to achieve. He starts new projects for social activists, donates money to fight HIV and AIDS, campaigns for developing countries and a green environment.

And much more.

The Virgin Group includes a total of 360 companies.

  • How does billionaire Richard Branson live?

If you think Richard Branson has enough money to lounge around all day or to be active in sports and pursue his many hobbies, you're wrong. Even the rich have to work hard to get richer. So does Richard Branson. He gets up at 5 a.m. and says 6 hours of sleep is plenty for him. He processes his e-mails and other documents early on, even before his employees are online. He also has time to plan his day effectively and practice his favorite sports. He goes kite surfing in the morning and likes to swim, in the afternoon he rides his bike or plays chess or tennis. Richard also spends a lot of time with family. For example, he always has breakfast at home with his loved ones, while dinner is with friends and family. At 11 p.m. the billionaire goes to bed.

The billionaire likes to celebrate his successes with friends.

Although originally from Blackheath near London, England, Richard Branson is now a man of the world who has retained his mischievous nature and thirst for adventure. The Virgin Group founder has a number of residences around the world, but his primary residence is Necker Island. The romantic island is part of the British Virgin Islands and Branson bought it in 1979 for US$320,000. 5 years later and with an investment of one million US dollars, he has transformed the island into a popular vacation spot for royals and stars. For him personally, this is the best home! Here Richard Branson has constant access to water and can surf a lot. "Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom, happiness and oneness with nature that comes with kiting - and the incredible adrenaline rush it gives you," says the billionaire.

Necker Island is his preferred private residence.

Here you really feel like in paradise.

The billionaire also bought a mini submarine which he dubbed the Necker Nymph. The more adventurous can rent it on its private island.

  • Richard Branson has mastered the art of approaching life with a spirit of adventure

"Our spirit of adventure motivates us to set goals, persevere, overcome difficulties and accomplish epic feats," Richard Branson said in an interview. But that sounds so true for his whole life that we take the quote as his motto. Driven by his legendary thirst for adventure, the billionaire tries to break records and break new ground. Here we just want to list some facts from his life. He started publishing a school newspaper at 16 and then moved on to selling records. Then it happened in quick succession: an airline, a cell phone network, a rail company, he alth centers, alternative fuels, and so on and so forth. In recent years he has been looking up into the sky and wants to turn space travel into a hobby. For this project he has won numerous and famous followers and advocates. It remains to be seen what else the flamboyant billionaire and successful entrepreneur will surprise us with in the near future.

For his participation in the New York City Marathon he dresses as a butterfly.

He hates formal wear and ties, likes to wear trousers and a white shirt. These match his casual look with the shoulder-length blond hair and the characteristic goatee.

Richard Branson is against Brexit but supports the UK remaining in the EU.

Since December 1999, the Virgin Group founder can also call himself Sir.

He also has his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - the famous street of fame.

The billionaire with his son Sam Branson.

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