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Life in the city should not exclude growing your own garden plants. But on the contrary! The latest trend in modern gardening is called urban gardening, which means that more and more people are doing urban gardening in their free time. This is a cheap way to become self-sufficient in fresh vegetables and fruits, but it is also an important social phenomenon. In the communal garden, people of different backgrounds and ages communicate and enjoy their good harvest. Another alternative for meaningful outdoor activities would be your own kitchen garden. But if you don't have one, you can at least grow some fresh and beautifully fragrant herbs at home and take proper care of them. You don't need much for this - a few pots on the balcony or the windowsill in the kitchen, suitable soil from the supermarket and your wish for a little more green in your own four walls. You will soon find out how to properly care for herbs at home!

Beautiful things made easy! Caring for herbs at home on the windowsill.

You can use this to add a fine, aromatic flavor to any meal.

  • Why do you need fresh herbs at home and how can you use them?

Kitchen herbs can be bought in almost every big supermarket or you can grow the small green plants yourself from seeds. These don't have to be far from the kitchen for you to use them quickly and easily. It is not difficult to look after fresh herbs at home, because they thrive well both outside on the balcony and inside on the windowsill. However, it is important for every housewife to have these ready to hand, because the herbs give every meal an aromatic flavor, it tastes better and stimulates the appetite. Such are, for example, parsley, basil, dill, thyme and rosemary. Other herbs are more suitable for preparing an aromatic tea. Here we mean spearmint and peppermint, sage and lavender. But all herbs are easy to dry and store. So you can get their he althy ingredients also enjoy in winter. Many people want to freeze herbs and wait a few months to use them.

Growing and caring for herbs at home doesn't require much work.

Basil, parsley and co. look good on the windowsill in the kitchen.

  • Important care tips for growing and caring for herbs at home

So that you have fresh herbs at home every day, you must know and follow the most important care tips for these green plants. We have tried to summarize the be-all and end-all of herbal care at home and only present the most important care tips for you.

  • Find the right location for your herbs at home: not all herbs at home require the same light-shade conditions. For example, the so-called Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme and oregano need more sun and correspondingly more water to thrive. A sunny spot on the balcony would be best for these, or you could place them on the windowsill facing west or south. There these herbs develop a thick leaf mass and smell fresh. On the other hand, other kitchen herbs, such as basil, lovage, chives and the undemanding parsley, develop on windows that face east.

You can choose the location of your herbs on the balcony or terrace yourself and easily change them.

Fresh herbs are a must in the kitchen.

  • Fertilize herbs at home: Fertilize your herbs at home only with suitable fertilizers, preferably without chemicals. You can fertilize until flowering in late summer, then you have to stop because the herbs also need some rest.

A real eye-catcher from the dining table in the kitchen!

Basil, parsley and dill are the kitchen herbs that should not be missing in any kitchen.

  • Watering fresh herbs properly at home: According to experts in the field of herb care, watering is more important than fertilizing. The best time for this is in the morning. You can only water again in the evening on very hot days. But caution is called for when watering: herbs don't like too much water and waterlogging!

The kitchen herbs can also be grown and cared for in simple plastic containers.

  • Protect herbs from pests: If lice attack the leaf mass of your herbs at home, it is advisable not to use chemicals to combat them. It is better to use natural means. For example, you can spray the leaves with washing-up liquid and rid the kitchen herbs of this plague.

Follow these simple care tips and you will have fresh herbs at home for months to enjoy in savory dishes, salads or tea.

You can sprinkle your vegetable salad with fresh herbs right away.

That's a real herb garden at home!

Your herbs can also grow well outside in the garden in special herb beds.

But also placed in glass containers next to the window at home!

This ladder is the perfect home for potted kitchen herbs!

You can follow the growth of your herbs up close at home.

Enjoy the fresh taste and unique aroma of your kitchen herbs!

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