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The beautiful weather lures us to spend a long time outside under the open sky. If you don't like to travel in summer, there are numerous ideas for treating yourself to a few cozy hours in your outdoor area. Have you already thought of a wooden terrace for your house? In other nations it is often referred to as a wooden deck, but for us this is the classic wooden deck. All homeowners must plan their construction and design early enough so that they can be used as a trendy extension of the living area. In terms of design, there are numerous options available to you. Below we have selected simple but effective tricks for you. These can definitely help you to turn your wooden terrace into a cozy oasis of peace. We will explain in a moment how this can be implemented.

Need inspiration for your wooden deck design?

  • Determining the right place and style of the wooden terrace

Before you even start the wooden decking project, you need to choose the most suitable place for your outdoor oasis of peace and relaxation. A lot of people plan this when building their own house. However, you can also build a wooden deck.

First think about when and how often you want to use the wooden terrace. What orientation should this have? Even consider the average rainfall in your area before deciding where to put the deck. Do you want to have a lot of sun there, maybe some wind or watch the sunset in the evening? These aspects are just as important and the further design of the wooden terrace is related to them.

Anyone who builds their own house should include the design of a wooden terrace in the planning as early as possible.

Many homeowners plan the wooden deck as an extension of the living area, so they build it right in front of the living room. This creates a seamless connection between inside and outside. Others prefer the wooden decking at the back of the Build your own home to enjoy more privacy. However, a third group chooses the sunny spot next to the garden pool and builds the wooden terrace there. As you can see, everything is up to you here, because in most cases the options are individual and depend on the specific circumstances of your outdoor area. In any case, you have to choose the place so that later on the wooden terrace you have the feeling of being in the middle of nature. In addition, you can design the deck under the already built pergola and treat yourself to the comfort of living under the open sky.

You can easily create a wooden terrace yourself. There are numerous instructions on the net that will lead you step by step to your goal. We want to include one here for all DIY fans.

There is always a lot to do in the garden for all DIY fans.

The design of the wooden terrace in a certain style is again your personal matter. Depending on your lifestyle and taste, the specifics of where you live and last but not least your own preferences, you can design the deck in a rustic or boho style or rather modern and minimalist. You also have design options in Scandinavian style. If you don't live far from the coast, add a definitely romantic touch to your outdoor space with a Mediterranean-style wooden deck. Once you have decided on a specific style, you can then choose the outdoor furniture and decoration accordingly. We will show what goes best with which style in the next few points.

Old lounge chairs find a new use on rustic wooden decking.

Modern wicker furniture goes well with any interior style and brings a fresh Mediterranean touch.

Awnings are a must on a modern designed wooden deck.

A large parasol would provide you with the necessary shade on hot summer days.

  • Furniture, privacy and sun protection on the wooden deck

Let's get back to the design and furnishing of the wooden terrace. There is an abundance of outdoor furniture these days, one set being more beautiful and comfortable than the other. But what can you choose? For example, wooden furniture and a Fire pit for a rustic wooden deck, minimalist wood and concrete furniture for a minimalist style, light rattan furniture for a boho style wooden deck. It must be said that wicker and rattan furniture suits many interior styles, so you can buy them without hesitation. Also consider built-in furniture, for example a built-in bench saves a lot of space and can provide some storage space.

Boho style creates a cozy atmosphere outside.

… and will probably never go out of style.

If you like a minimalist design for your wooden terrace… .

Get the right outdoor furniture and treat yourself to more seating comfort outdoors.

Built-in bench seats provide plenty of storage space, also save space, making it very convenient.

Apart from comfortable outdoor furniture, you need proper sun protection when you are outside. Wide parasols, sails and the like are a must on the wooden deck. On hot summer days you can hide from the sun underneath. Good sun protection contributes a lot to the good design of the wooden terrace. To feel relaxed and undisturbed outside, you also need to get a proper privacy screen. Green walls or those made of wood or bamboo, screens and light and opaque fabrics come into consideration here. It is important that you do not allow strangers to look at your wooden terrace.

You can really relax here out of sight.

And enjoy the warmth of the brazier.

Pure curtains on rails are also a good idea.

  • Decorate and illuminate the wooden terrace

In order to transform the wooden terrace into your own private oasis of peace and to feel comfortable and relaxed there, you have to decorate and illuminate it appropriately. You don't need to spend a lot of money for this. On the contrary, look first. What you already have at home and may not necessarily need indoors. A colorful carpet rolled out on the wooden floorboards makes the atmosphere more homely. Colorful decorative pillows and small figures set visual accents, green plants and beautiful Flowers in matching planters bring a natural touch. If you have enough free space on the wooden terrace, you can also integrate a fire bowl there. Place comfortable seating all around and invite good friends over for a bottle of wine outdoors.

Cuddle up outside on the wooden deck!

With a rug, comfortable seating and lots of potted plants.

You also need suitable lighting outside.

String lights, hanging lamps, lanterns and candles set the mood in the evening.

Last but not least, we also want to address the outdoor lighting, which we believe is particularly important for the cozy atmosphere in the evening. Chains of lights, lanterns and candles can illuminate the wooden terrace perfectly and highlight individual objects better in the dark. Here you can let your creativity and design talent run free. Don't forget that great design potential lies in the small details! And everything we furnish and decorate with love says a lot about our character and style.

The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun and every success in designing a stylish and thoroughly comfortable wooden terrace!

You can bring a Far Eastern flair to the wooden terrace with the design.

The colors and flowers make this outdoor terrace look very special.

Blue and gray go well together.

In the big city you build wooden terraces on the roof and treat yourself to a piece of nature.

It is well known that you can build garden furniture yourself from pallets.

Get more inspiration for the design of your wooden terrace…

… . And have a nice summer!

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