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If you are already reading this article, then you know it well: the modern home consists of more than just four walls. Your own apartment is more the expression of your personality and expresses your lifestyle in an indirect way. Not to speak of your creativity and imagination when setting up and designing the individual rooms. That's why a great trend in modern wall design has prevailed in recent years and it's called an accent wall! Dreary walls are passe, you try to redesign them creatively and super modern, so that they cause a stir and quickly attract everyone's attention.

A wood accent wall adds a natural touch to the living room.

This also fits into very modern room concepts.

To achieve a similar WOW effect, all you have to do is wallpaper or paint a certain wall in your home in an eye-catching colour. Modern wallpapers are currently available in a stone or wood look or they look like a real brick wall. You can also display your favorite pictures on a wall or create a great photo wall.

Symmetrical wall design in the bedroom - two pictures hang on either side of the real wood accent wall, next to two wall lamps and above the bedside tables. The whole ambiance is calming and very appealing.

All the decoration methods mentioned above make the wall an eye-catcher. However, the possibilities for trendy wall design are by no means exhausted. Below we present original ideas for modern accent walls that use different textures. This is about wood paneling of a wall or just part of it. We'll also show you how to create a fantastic and completely natural-looking accent wall with stone, marble, brick or tile and add some variety to the room. The best thing about these wall design ideas is actually that they can be perfectly inscribed in any room. You also make a stylish statement with it and express your personal style. However, one should not overdo it with such wall design ideas. Therefore, our tip is: limit yourself to just one accent wall in the whole apartment. That's quite enough!

Wooden planks in wooden frames - wonderful idea for a geometric wall design.

The wood can be painted a matching color and the accent wall can be visually matched to the rest of the room design.

  • Every wood accent wall radiates warmth

Wood paneling is nothing new in interior design, it was actually very popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century. Wood paneling is now making a real comeback. But this is about designing a wall or just part of it with wooden boards and setting them as an accent in the room. It is well known that wood is a natural material and can be designed in different colours. On the one hand, it radiates more warmth into the ambience. On the other hand, you have the freedom to customize it in the color of your choice, so that it perfectly matches the rest of the interior. There are really countless design options available to you. If you use weathered wood or aged wood floorboards for the accent wall, you bring a rustic feel to the room. This idea is perfect for retro styled bedrooms or living rooms where you want to constantly feel the cozy warmth of your own home.

Use weathered wood for the accent wall and introduce a retro touch to the modern dining room.

Think creative and act bold when creating a statement living room accent wall.

  • An accent wall made of natural stone is the definitive eye-catcher in your own four walls

Different types of natural stone can be used to create an accent wall in your home. For example, you can design a small wall in the hallway with stones and it will immediately stand out visually. If you really want to indulge your senses, then opt for an onyx accent wall in the living room. This gives the interior an indescribably sophisticated style and puts you and your guests in a happy mood. In this case, you have nature itself in your home.

The stone wall in the living room is absolute eyecatching!

But it also makes a great impression in the hallway.

Marble in the bathroom has been widely used since ancient times. This natural material also makes the modern bathroom appear noble and timeless and can serve you faithfully for many years. If you do not want to design the whole bathroom with marble, then you can only opt for an accent wall. You will definitely never regret this decision in your life!

Marble accent wall in the bathroom - pure luxury that never goes out of style.

What do you think of this bathroom wall design?

A concrete look wall is a must in any industrial style setting.

  • What other materials are suitable for the design of an accent wall?

A brick wall is the perfect wall and room decoration in industrial style kitchens and living rooms. An accent wall with a concrete look can also be seamlessly integrated into an industrial room concept. But depending on your preference, you can also use other materials to create a modern accent wall at home. For example, a wall covered with textiles makes the whole room appear cozier. This idea is perfect for a bedroom where warm coziness is appreciated. You can also use different fabrics such as leather, velvet or silk for the same purpose. With decorative nails, you can set further small accents and transform the wall into a great eye-catcher.

Silver studs show off the navy leather accent wall in the bedroom.

Visual harmony is capitalized here!

You could also experiment with other materials such as metal, paper and 3D panels and bring a visual change to your rooms. Here you need to vary with the colors and find the most suitable nuance for your interior. On the one hand, such an accent wall brings a strong natural touch to your home. On the other hand, this is a perfect way to have an eye-catcher in your own four walls and express your style with it.

Scroll down now for more great accent wall ideas. Be sure to give yourself a little more time for this and let yourself be inspired for your own modern wall design.

Properly lit tiles instantly catch the eye in this contemporary bathroom.

And these glittery tiles look super attractive in the kitchen.

3D panels are conquering the modern bathroom!

A masterfully designed accent wall always expresses your personality.

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