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Every third person in Germany sleeps badly. Millions of people around the world suffer from problems falling asleep and sleeping disorders. It is well known that numerous factors influence a good night's sleep. For example, job stress and unhe althy eating have a strong negative impact on sleep quality. Experts advise that there are a few things we need to do before we go to bed to ensure a good night's sleep. For example, the cozy atmosphere in your bedroom plays a primary role in good sleep quality. In the perfect bedroom, peace and relaxation must prevail for a he althy sleep. In principle, mobile phones and modern smartphones or tablets in continuous operation have no place there. Fatty food, coffee and alcohol consumption in the evening can keep you up for hours and cause stomach and circulatory problems. However, there are some drinks and herbs that can help you overcome the sleep problems. Foods rich in magnesium also lead to a he althy night’s sleep. You can read more about this in this article.

Magnesium-rich foods are particularly important for a restful night's sleep.

  • Why are magnesium-rich foods important for a he althy night's sleep?

Magnesium is an important mineral. This is contained in every single cell in our body and takes part in over 100 bodily functions. For example, magnesium is responsible for bone structure in our body. It is involved in the formation of body protein as well as in the production of energy.

It also conducts nerve impulses into the muscles. According to statistics from the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), adult women should consume around 300 mg of magnesium daily, while men need around 350. Some people such as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, young people in the active growth age between 15 and 19 years have a higher magnesium requirement. Active athletes and older people should definitely include plenty of magnesium-rich foods in their diet. The mineral is particularly important for muscles and joints.

Include as many magnesium-rich foods as possible in your diet.

A magnesium deficiency can lead to tiredness, exhaustion and lack of energy in all age and social groups. In addition, the lack of this mineral causes problems falling asleep and even sleepless nights. Foods rich in magnesium can calm the nervous system and thus eliminate insomnia. But we will see exactly which foods contain a lot of magnesium in the next point.

Drink a glass of milk at night and you will sleep through the night.

  • Brief review of foods rich in magnesium

In principle, the daily amount of magnesium is supplied by various foods that contain this important mineral. By no means do we only mean the consumption of bread and non-alcoholic beverages such as juices and milk. The following magnesium-rich foods score points with a high content of this mineral that is important for he alth and can therefore prevent possible magnesium deficiency. But their biggest advantage is that they help with sleeping problems. They also lead to a he althy and restful night's sleep.

The magnesium content in 100 g of milk is 12 mg.

  • Milk and milk products: these are undoubtedly an important source of protein and contain a lot of tryptophan. This is an amino acid that creates serotonin in our body. This in turn promotes he althy sleep. Milk and milk products also contain a lot of calcium, which regulates the sleep hormone melatonin. It is particularly important for our day-night rhythm and ensures restful sleep. That's why you should eat lots of cow's milk, yoghurt, Parmesan and feta cheese. Because these dairy products contain a lot of magnesium and are he althy.

Cheese snacks for in between - he althy and good for a good night's sleep!

In the evening, nibble on nuts and seeds, but in small amounts!

  • Nuts and kernels: Cashew kernels and walnuts are perfect as a snack in front of the TV or you can add them to a fresh vegetable salad in the evening Add. Nuts contain he althy omega-3 fatty acids and are also high in tryptophan. They are also an important source of B vitamins. Our tip is to prepare a quark with walnuts or almonds in the evening and sweeten it him with a tablespoon of honey. You can also add some sesame seeds. All of these are great magnesium-rich foods that contribute to a he althy night's sleep.

Cashews, walnuts and almonds are also high in magnesium.

Pulses are filling and help with weight loss.

  • Chickpeas and other legumes: These are a good addition to your diet because they contain a lot of magnesium, vitamin B6 and tryptophan. Its ingredients trigger a feeling of satiety, help with weight loss and have a very positive effect on sleep.

Beans, peas and co. have many he althy ingredients.

You should eat fish more often, at least twice a week.

  • Fish: Rollmops, shrimp, lobster, sardines, herring, salmon or other seafood can be enjoyed in moderation in the evening. Certain types of fish are high in magnesium, vitamins B-6 and 12, and provide the body with tryptophan, making them sleep-inducing foods.

Salmon garnished with herbs and lemon is delicious and he althy!

Don't exclude whole grain bread from your diet!

  • Whole grain products are one of the best sources of magnesium. Here we mean not only the popular wholemeal bread, but also wheat bran, quinoa, oatmeal, millet. Whole grain rolls, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice are also good sources of magnesium.

Wholemeal bread can be found in every bakery, and there are many different types that all smell fresh and taste delicious!

  • Fresh and dried fruit: Eating fresh fruit is always right and very he althy. But tart cherries contain real "sleep hormones". Scientific studies prove that a glass of tart cherry juice in the evening improves the duration and quality of sleep. Tart cherries contain melatonin, which is known to be the hormone of sleep. But bananas, dates, raspberries and avocados are also excellent magnesium-rich foods or fruits. Those who like to nibble in the evening can access dried fruit, but these contain more sugar.

Dried fruit and nuts make a good combination full of magnesium.

Spinach is a powerful source of magnesium, 58mg in 100g.

  • Green Vegetables: Chard, spinach, kale and fennel top the list of vegetables rich in magnesium. These can be consumed as a fresh vegetable salad and also add some seeds or nuts. Then enjoy magnesium in larger quantities.

Cocoa powder and dark chocolate for chocolate fans.

  • Cocoa and dark chocolate: Last but not least, we also thought of all those with a sweet tooth who may have to overcome a magnesium deficiency. Of course, you can treat yourself to a cocoa drink in the evening and nibble on dark chocolate. This is allowed, because both are perfect magnesium-rich foods. Something else even: the higher the cocoa content, the better! Then you get more magnesium! Cocoa also contains he althy flavonoids. These are valuable antioxidants and intercept free radicals in the body. They are therefore particularly important for human he alth and support the functions of the brain and cardiovascular system.

Snacking in the evening is allowed, but in moderation!

Treat yourself to a hot cocoa drink or hot chocolate in the evening!

Nibbling in front of the TV is not taboo!

Feta cheese is he althy and high in calcium and magnesium!

You can eat wheat bran and wholemeal bread if you want to prevent magnesium deficiency.

Foods rich in magnesium are a must in your menu!

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