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A beautiful lawn requires a lot of maintenance. You would actually have to fertilize the lawn twice a year if you want to keep it in really good condition! So you get the good appearance of this one in the long run. Spring is one of two periods when you should do something about your lawn. So now is the time to do something to keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer long. We like to write what is important when it comes to the right lawn fertilizer!

The beautifully manicured lawn is a delight for the eyes

Evaluate the condition of the lawn

First you have to evaluate the condition of the lawn and the ground. You have to do it differently when it's completely broken and there are bare spots all over it. It looks completely different if we already have a well-preserved lawn that we should simply take care of with the right products.

In the spring, the lawn is usually rather broken and has a lot of holes. On the one hand, this is related to the harsh conditions of winter. If, on top of that, you didn't take care of the lawn properly in the previous season, then this also contributes to the deterioration of its condition. The following tips apply to this type of lawn.

You should design the process according to the condition of the lawn

How to refurbish a lawn

In this specific case, it is more about the renovation of the lawn. Fertilizing it is only part of the process. But even in this case, everything is not that difficult! If the lawn is very broken, you will need to buy or rent a scarifier. This is a garden maintenance machine that removes dead grass and moss.

Lawn soils in good condition do not need overly strong fertilisers

Fertilize the lawn

The scarifier usually has multiple levels, but you should start with a low level depending on the condition of the lawn and soil. 1 or 2 is usually sufficient. Drag a sheet and if enough of the turf unnecessary material onto the surface come, then you are on the right track. The tedious part is collecting all the moss. It is best to make small piles that you then bring together. This works a little easier. If not enough moss comes out, you can also use the scarifier to go one step deeper. However, such a thorough renovation is very rarely necessary.

Gritters and other tools will make your life easier

Check the condition of the floor

In order for the lawn to grow well, the soil needs a certain quality. What everyone thinks of spontaneously is moisture and the presence of various nutrients. If you buy a product with which you want to fertilize the soil, then you just try to concentrate on these criteria. But there are other factors that should be considered. For example, you need to check that the soil isn't too acidic. An alkaline environment is needed for good lawn growth.

Do you know the pH of your soil?

Check the pH value

Before you start fertilizing, you would have to check the soil according to this criterion. There are special tests for this, which you can easily find in any gardening store or on the Internet. The best level of pH for the soil is 6.5 and if it is lower the soil would be too acidic. As soon as this does not change, even the best fertilizer could unfortunately not help much. You can increase the pH value by enriching the soil with lime. You can also evaluate other properties yourself. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

Lime can make the soil more alkaline

The right amount of products

Most of the time there is a lack of lime in the soil. How much lime you need depends on the size of the lawn. Buy the material from a shop where you will be given precise advice. It would actually help to spread the lime evenly across the soil rather than all at once. So you can scatter a third of it the first time, then the second and third after one and two months respectively. The same goes for most other fertilizers. However, they each have their own specifics. That's why you should find out about them before you buy them.

Warning: There are special wagons for spreading fertilizers, including lime. It would be very helpful, to get or borrow one. This will make the process a lot easier!

You might also need a soil activator!

Microorganisms that animate the forces of the soil itself

The earth has its own forces and a lawn of its own accord can develop well on it. Sometimes simply activating them would be enough. There are special tools that are designed to do just that. These are the so-called soil activators. They would revitalize all microorganisms in this. In many cases, that would be enough for the lawn to develop very well on its own. If you test the soil and it's rich in all the necessary nutrients, then it's fine even without fertilizer.

If you fertilize the lawn, you can also enjoy a great day in the fresh air!

Additional seeding

An additional seed is not always absolutely necessary, but this is often the case. The situation described at the beginning of our article was exactly this: a lawn with broken and bare spots. After refreshing them according to the steps described, you can move on to the new seed. You should distribute these according to your own situation. Only do this in places where it is really necessary!

Organic fertilizers are better for the environment and for our he alth

How to choose the right lawn fertilizer!

Now we are ready to enrich the lawn with a professional lawn fertilizer. But that wouldn't do any good if you didn't work the soil well beforehand and didn't remove the excess moss and other grasses. That's why we wrote about it in such detail. When it comes to fertilizer, the most important thing is making the right choice. Here are some possible options!

Sometimes new seed is needed before fertilizing

Different products - different advantages

There are a number of different products on the market and they all have their advantages. But you should decide for yourself what exactly would be the best possible choice for your lawn. In the first place you should test the soil quality. We have already written how to measure the pH value. To do this, you would have to answer a few questions in advance and then find a remedy that is exactly right for your case.

  • How long have I not fertilized the soil?
  • What nutrients are lacking indoors?
  • How exhausted does this one look?
  • How often am I willing to spread the fertilizer?
  • What is my budget?
  • What is better from an environmental point of view?

Of course, the lawn also needs regular water

Organic or mineral fertilizers

Organic or mineral fertilizer - what would be the better solution? Consider which type would be better for your he alth. Especially if you have children or animals in the house and they like to play on the lawn, you want it to be as free of pollutants as possible. However, organic fertilizers have the disadvantage that they are slightly more expensive and also take longer to develop their effect. In urgent cases, you can use mineral solvents first, and then apply organic fertilizers in the fall.

You would have to take care of your lawn all year round!

For severely damaged floors

When the lawn looks totally broken, people are usually impatient to fix it. However, fertilizers containing chemicals could potentially make the situation even worse. Therefore, in this case, you should rather use an organic one after you have taken all the care steps described above. You should also carry out several tests regarding the quality of the soil. If you haven't opened the link above, you can find out more here! Above all, the fertilizer must contain what is most missing in your case.

After all, there are products in different price ranges. It doesn't have to be that the cheap ones are worse. You just have to take more time to select the high quality ones among these through reviews on the internet. You should also read the instructions for use carefully. Some fertilizers are more difficult to use for various reasons - such as having to be distributed multiple times or the dosage being specific.

Design the fertilization process in such a way that it is indeed feasible. Otherwise, you might be better off getting professional help.

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