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For both parents, the months leading up to the birth of their baby are full of anticipation. This is a particularly important time on their life path together, which makes many dreams come true. They want to offer their long-awaited little one a comfortable home where he/she can grow up happily. Therefore, the expectation period is filled with good planning and preparation for the birth of the little one. The earlier and better you prepare for it, the less stress you will experience once the baby is born. It is therefore particularly important to plan the baby's room in good time and to make it comfortable. It's actually not that easy, because there are a few things that parents absolutely have to consider. The following tips aim to save the parents' strength and energy and to give them useful information for designing a baby's room. Stay tuned to inquire for details!

The baby room - a cozy home for your cuddly little mouse

  • The baby room must not be crowded with furniture

First think about what you absolutely want to have in the baby's room. A baby cot is sure to be at the top of your must-have list because it always plays the central role in the design of a baby’s room. You also need a changing table with a changing mat.

Many parents choose it because these pieces of furniture are practical and specially designed for the baby's room. In this way, you keep everything you need close at hand and don't lose energy rummaging around in the closet for a romper or a soft towel. In addition to these three pieces of furniture, you must also think of your mother and save her strength. You can place a rocking chair or a comfortable armchair in a free corner of the room, where mom can rest while breastfeeding or giving a bottle. In no case is it desirable to overload the baby's room with other, completely useless furniture. On the one hand they spoil the look of the room, on the other hand they leave too little free space.

Every mom deserves this comfort.

Extra tip: When furnishing the baby room, it is better to follow the well-known minimalist rule: less is more!

Keep essentials close at hand!

  • Safety of mother and baby are top priorities when setting up the baby room

When furnishing and designing your baby room, you must first think about the safety of mother and baby. Experts do not recommend choosing furniture with hard edges. You also have to avoid small details that can easily become unstable. Some furniture and textiles emit toxins, so you still need to find out what materials and exactly how these pieces are made when you buy them. In addition to the furniture mentioned above, you also need a mattress for the cot and the changing table, which should be made of latex or foam and not too soft.

The mattress on the changing table must be ergonomic and breathable, but not too soft.

Baby and toddler clothing must be made from organic materials and natural fibers.

All duvet covers and baby clothes must be made of high-quality fabrics that allow the little one's skin to breathe well and help regulate heat. Therefore, we can only advise you to only choose baby clothes that are made from natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk. Bio-materials can also be used here. But no synthetic fibers please, because these are not permeable to air and easily accumulate the heat. This is not recommended for babies.

Extra Tip: Don't forget the laundry basket and diaper pail!

Believe us, you really need a diaper pail!

Make the baby's room as practical as possible!

  • Organize baby's room so you have plenty of storage space

Organize numerous storage options, because you will need them urgently. Changing table with large drawers, a shelf for baby care products and a few baskets underneath are part of the basic equipment in the baby room and are an absolute must in the first few months. Then you have to plan built-in storage options and if possible any Use the corner in the baby room. You also need a good overview of all baby things at all times so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. And it absolutely has to be within reach. Also provide storage space for your favorite toys.

Our extra tip: Babies grow up fast. In a few months you will see that your little cuddly mouse has become a toddler. That's why you only buy as much baby clothes as you really need.

A built-in closet where order reigns supreme.

Storage options of all kinds create order in the baby's room!

Baby care products must always be at hand.

  • Create an oasis of well-being for your baby

It is quite clear that the whole arrangement of the baby's room is primarily subordinate to practical purposes. However, there must be a cozy atmosphere there. Therefore, try to create an oasis of well-being for your newborn. Start with the walls of the room and paint them in a neutral, more relaxed pastel shade of your choice. You can find numerous other ideas for color design in the children's room on our website if you are interested.

Prepare the room before your little princess comes home.

The curtains must be colour-coordinated, whether light, translucent or opaque. Good lighting is also a must in the baby's room. However, this must not dazzle the baby under any circumstances. Opt for soft ceiling lighting or choose spot lighting. This only focuses on certain objects in the room.

The right lighting in the baby's room should not be underestimated.

The essentials in one place.

Conclusion: As you can see, there are many things to think about before the baby arrives. Use the last months and weeks before the birth and set up a cozy home for your little darling. Follow our tips and you can't go wrong, only your anticipation will grow. We wish you every success in designing your cozy baby room!

The baby room needs to be bright and welcoming, but not overcrowded with furniture.

Small details that matter too.Clever organization of baby stuff.If you're into retro style… .Create a nice ambience and welcome your little darling!

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