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At first glance, martens, particularly the beech marten, resemble cute ferrets that have been popular pets for thousands of years. However, the stone marten, the most common marten species in Germany, is not suitable as a pet. On the contrary, it is considered a pest! The small nocturnal predator has earned this status for a reason. The marten in the house, car or garden can cause enormous permanent damage. While effective at chasing mice and rats, it also chews through wires, tunnels through walls, and spreads dangerous diseases. All in search of territory, food and shelter. If you have ever suffered costly marten damage, then you probably want to find a simple, quick and cheap solution to this problem as soon as possible. In the next few lines you will find out how to permanently get rid of martens in the house, car or garden.

The stone marten has also earned a different name: Auto marten

How can you tell if there is a marten in the house or garden?

Perhaps you are still unsure whether you even have a marten in your house or garden. Then you have to look around a bit, lurk and listen. Your intruder rarely stays still. Crawling noises from the attic early in the morning, evening and night, scratch marks on gutters, trees and walls, tunnels and holes in the insulation, remains of prey and of course traces of faeces and urine are clear signs that a marten lives in your home.

Martens hide most often in the attic

Get rid of martens in the house or garden

If the marten in the house is a fact, you must act quickly to get rid of it. The basic rule here is as follows: deter and only then lock out. Since all martens are nocturnal and sleep during the day, sometimes loud noises, music and ultrasonic devices during the day can be enough to deter the small rodents. Special marten remedies that give the animals an unpleasant smell are also very effective.

Professionals often use live traps to catch the marten and then back into nature to dismiss. These not only cause the animal a lot of stress (even deadly), there is also a risk of biting. They also need a special capture permit from the local hunting authority.

Once deterred, you must find all entrances and holes from which the marten can get into the house and seal them well with chicken wire or construction foam. Finally, make access roads such as downpipes, parapets, rain gutters and even trees marten-proof with special marten brushes.

If you have a mother marten in the house, you must not lock her out, otherwise the little ones will die

Keep martens away from the car

At least 1 in 200 cars in Germany suffers marten damage every year. If you don't want to be included in this statistic, you should take some marten protection measures. The strategy is practically the same: deter and lockout. One of the most popular ways to keep martens off your car is simply to seal off the engine compartment with chicken wire, brush curtains, or perforated sheet metal. You can now also have this done in the garage.

However, high-voltage and ultrasonic devices have proven to be effective measures. The electric shocks are harmless, but frightening enough that the marten doesn't dare break in again.

Martens bite cables out of curiosity and to mark their territory

If you have a marten in your house, garden or car or are afraid of its appearance, it is definitely worth taking measures against the nocturnal predators. These should be effective, inexpensive and of course species-appropriate at the same time. Despite its pest status, the marten has the same right to life as any other animal.

Beech martens can jump up to two meters high

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