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His appointment calendar is full. A hectic week goes by, then the next one comes. He commutes between fashion presentations in Tokyo and fashion shows in Milan and organizes haute couture parades himself. It's definitely not easy to run your own empire, which has a turnover of around 2.3 billion euros. However, Giorgio Armani does not think about retirement and retirement. He designs outfits, controls the processes in his huge company and watches over his brand image. In short, he works with the energy of a 20-year-old. That's why it's hard to believe that the fashion god is celebrating his 85th birthday on July 11th. We don't yet know how and where exactly his party will be organized. But one thing is certain: the whole fashion world is celebrating with fashion icon Giorgio Armani.

Fashion icon Giorgio Armani turns 85 on July 11!

  • From Piacenza to the top of the fashion world

The career of Giorgio Armani is certainly known to most fashion fans. We just want to highlight some important moments from his life that are pivotal for his fashion career. Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in the Italian town of Piacenza near Milan, in the family of an accountant and a housewife.

His mother, Maria Raimondi, looked after the three children, but always dressed simply and elegantly. Thanks to her, Giorgio Armani developed his fine feeling for clothes and turned it into a sense of style. He broke off his medical studies and worked in Milan first as a window dresser and then as a fashion buyer. Those were his first steps into the fashion industry. In 1961, Armani met fashion designer Nino Cerruti and worked for him for the next 10 years. There he developed men's suits and gained experience as a fashion designer.

The talented Italian has conquered the top of the fashion world.

1966 was an important year for his whole life and fashion career. Giorgio Armani met his future partner Sergio Galeotti. Both founded their own label in 1975, which bore the name Giorgio Armani. His trademark was and still is his stylish men's collection that revolutionized men's fashion. Elegant men's suits with the Giorgio Armani label have a simple cut and are mainly made in muted colors such as grey, beige and dark blue. With this, the designer made an international breakthrough. He also sold his fashion clothing in America and aroused great interest among film producers and TV stars. His creations became particularly popular when Armani designed the costumes for Richard Gere in the film "American Gigolo" (1980).

Giorgio Armani changed his color philosophy - instead of inconspicuous colors we see more bright nuances in his women's collections.

Light fabrics and flowing silhouettes now characterize his women's collections.

What began as a small fashion business in 1975 has developed into a huge empire. After the death of his friend and business partner Sergio Galeotti in 1985, the designer greatly expanded the Giorgio Armani fashion empire. He developed various fashion lines and dressed very different sections of the population. Today, fashionable accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, furniture and even chocolates are produced under his label. His fortune also includes two hotels. Now Armani plays more with the colors, especially in the women's collections. There are bright nuances, light fabrics and flowing silhouettes. This is how the great designer makes first-class fashion, with which he is world-famous! Outrageously expensive models from the Prive collection or something exclusive from Armani Exchange can now be bought in 3000 Armani boutiques in 60 countries worldwide. There are also Armani Jeans stores, Armani Junior boutiques and Armani Casa business premises.

Belgian actress Virginie Efira likes to wear clothes by fashion god Giorgio Armani!

  • Fashion icon Giorgio Armani works too much and has little free time

"My life is work. I always put all my energy into them." This is how the 85-year-old god of fashion formulated his life motto in an interview with the Italian news magazine “Panorama”. He often says he's "a prisoner of his own style": I'm sure he feels the same way. Because he lacks the freedom to implement new ideas. "Everyone knows what Armani is and isn't."

In everyday business life, Armani likes to wear an immaculate suit, in most cases in dark blue or black.

Only in his free time can he be seen in a dark blue T-shirt or a dark cashmere sweater.

It's hard to imagine that a very rich man like fashion god Giorgio Armani couldn't afford something. Still, in an interview with How to Spend It magazine, he said there is something he regrets. "Not spending more time with the people I love. And that I've never been able to see so many beautiful places in the world.” Yes, Armani is right again. Work is not the whole of life, nor should it be! Hopefully, the world-renowned fashion designer will find time to take long trips to exotic locations or indulge in luxury vacations by the sea or in the mountains. We wish him that on his 85th birthday!

Happy 85th birthday to talented fashion designer Giorgio Armani!

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