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There is still plenty of time before the end of this year for you to reconsider your eating habits. You definitely have to do that, because development researchers have already published the latest Food Trends 2022. According to their studies, we will all change our eating habits from next year. Certainly we will become flexible in the area of nutrition, develop a new awareness of the nature that surrounds us and definitely like he althy food. For example, the food culture expert and trend researcher Hanni Rützler from the Zukunftsinstitut claims that the food trends of 2022 will be determined primarily by what is known as “snacki fiction”. What does that mean exactly, we want to explain in the following. We will also show you what will still be dominant among the food trends of 2022. For example, have you heard of the “flexitarian” nutritional model? You probably don't even know what's behind it, do you? Stay tuned to find out.

From next year we will eat more and more differently, according to the Food Trends 2022!

  • Food Trends 2022: Snacks replace traditional meals

Long barbecues on the porch or in the garden are passe! Eating fondue with friends? No, that doesn't exist anymore! Snacking is now the magic word when we talk about the latest food trends for 2022. From next year there will be a true "snackifiction", that is, snacks are very popular, a snack cult will even be developed.

Snacks are by no means the same as unhe althy fast food. These now have a new meaning. Snacking means leisurely eating of various little things that are skilfully combined with each other. So we eat more often, but in small portions. Because snacks are mini meals for in between and they replace the traditional 3-course menu with starter, main course and dessert.

He althy "wraps to go" are an important part of the "Snackifiction".

Our dynamic everyday life doesn't leave us much time to eat, so we have to be flexible and adapt to the new food Adapt Trends 2022. On the way we grab a snack from the supermarket or the Shop/Go counter. Sweets, chips and savory snacks are becoming more and more taboo. Now, for example, "wraps to go" are more desirable than a fragrant, appetizing soup for lunch. The development researchers claim that the usual food will be replaced by snacks. In the evening there are lots of he althy vegetables on the table.

Fresh vegetables play the leading role in eating.

  • Food Trends 2022: Eating fresh fruit and vegetables - that's he althy!

In principle, we like to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, but their share in everyday menus is expected to increase. People are skeptical about additives in food and are more interested in their origin and processing methods. Urban food is the name of the new trend, an important part of which is undoubtedly urban gardening. This means that vegetable production is getting closer and closer to the city, it is moving into urban space. Vegetables grown in the garden taste best. In addition, it is the perfect alternative to the meat dishes that have been popular up to now. These are not among the latest food trends for 2022 and meat will play an ever smaller role in our eating habits in the future. Most modern thinking people want to eat meatless. That's why vegan and vegetarian food is very trendy.

Vegetarian and vegan food is increasingly preferred.

  • Food Trends 2022: Plastic packaging is heavily criticized

Depending on the development researchers, we will soon and finally say goodbye to possible plastic packaging, especially in the food industry. These become taboo and are no longer welcomed. A new awareness of environmental and climate protection on our planet has finally been developed. We all need to be united and fight to stop polluting nature. That's why plastic packaging must be removed from modern everyday life. In this regard, alternative solutions and innovative packaging-free systems are being sought.

Exactly where the he althy food comes from is important to consumers.

These are the most important food trends 2022, which could become relevant according to the development researchers. On the one hand, these are caused by our dynamic way of life and global networking. on the other hand they are “a phenomenon of the affluent society,” says trend researcher Hanni Rützler. She explains that the abundance accelerates consumption on the one hand, but also triggers search movements. This in turn gives rise to new trends. For example, the food culture expert sees “snackifiction” as “an expression of a more flexible, spontaneous and individual society”. She might be right, but it's still to be seen whether or not Food Trends 2022 will become a reality!

Eating raw vegetables is also one of the food trends for 2022. For example, thin sticks of carrots and celery with dips taste good.

Nuts and fresh fruit combine to create a wonderful taste!

With organic yoghurt maybe?

Avocado slices on toasted bread with chopped dill on top - these are real snacks!

You can fully enjoy breakfast at home in the morning in peace.

More and more people are preparing snacks between meals and taking them to work.

Then they eat lunch in the office in front of the computer.

Something he althy to take away?

Bon appetit!

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and stay he althy!

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