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Whenever I write about the subject of "Furnishing and designing a small apartment", I like to think back to the well-known poem by Kurt Tucholsky "The Ideal" from 1927. Life has now become full changed, but our dreams and desires hardly. Everyone would like to have "a villa in the countryside with a large terrace". The location is also particularly important - either on the B altic Sea or directly on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. This is said to have "nine rooms, no, I'd rather have ten"! A roof garden is also desirable. Dreams are wonderful, but reality is often very different. Especially in every big city where you should be content with little living space. But what can you do in a small apartment of 48 square meters so that it looks nice and cozy despite the limited space. We did a little research and found a nice example of a small apartment. We'll show you right away!

Small apartment of 48 sqm - you can live comfortably here!

  • It is a real art to be able to furnish and design a small apartment

Tiny apartments like this little apartment can be found in every big city, so it's the norm rather than the exception. It's only 48 square meters, but so cleverly designed that its owners really enjoy living in this limited living space.

ATG Design is the name of the company tasked with transforming a compact apartment into a cozy home for a family of three. The apartment is located in the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria and with its modern design is a striking example of life in the Bulgarian capital. When designing the interior, the designers were guided by the principles of minimalism, so everything is plain and simple here. Although there are no superfluous or slightly exaggerated details here, the small apartment still presents a stylish and practical design that surprises with functional solutions.

The L-shaped kitchen is designed in a minimalist style, yet it provides the owners with everything they need Available.

  • Furnishing a small apartment - bold designer solutions are the be-all and end-all of successful interior design

The L-shaped kitchen is kept as simple as possible with white kitchen cabinets and wooden countertops. The kitchen rear wall looks particularly elegant with its marbled look and is seamlessly integrated into the overall room design. So that the room look doesn't look too minimalist, designers and apartment owners have opted for a cob alt blue Smeg fridge, which actually serves as a great eye-catcher in the room. Then a few black accents were built into the interior, which are also striking. Surely you noticed the black pipe of the built-in cooker hood in the first picture. And the transparent, very elegantly designed plastic chairs with their black legs are real eye-catchers in the small room.

Small apartment, but stylish and very practical. The living area with a gray corner sofa looks very inviting. An elegant glass door separates this room and the hallway.

Because on 48 square meters of living space you are forced to properly appreciate and use every square centimeter in a well thought-out manner, the kitchen and dining area flows seamlessly into the actual zone for living and relaxation. Originally, this small apartment had only one living room plus bathroom and toilet. However, the living room was intentionally reduced in order to create an additional room. There is now a sleeping area and a small work area with a desk. A wooden wall divides the room into these two separate zones and at the same time serves as storage space on one side.

You don't need a lot of space for a small work corner, do you?

Actually, you could design two bedrooms in this small apartment and set them up practically. The first bedroom is minimalist in style and has a large closet with lots of storage options. This is made of wood just like the platform on which the bed is located. A small coffee table and some artwork complete the look. The other bedroom is designed as a master bedroom and features a platform instead of a regular bed. There are still some chairs and a shelf. There really is no room for anything more.

Instead of a bed, there is a platform on which the mattress is.

The master bedroom looks very cozy and is practically furnished down to the smallest detail.

The designer solution in the hallway is also interesting. There is access to the master bedroom. But this is hidden in a white wardrobe so as not to spoil the overall look in the hallway. Smart right? Also look at the other pictures. These are great proof that you can live well in a limited living space of 48 square meters. This can certainly be an incentive for many young people to furnish their small apartments in a modern, practical and yet very comfortable way!

You can live really well even in a small living space if you have the perfect furnishings.

The master bedroom is small but very practically furnished.

The hallway is all white with a few black accents. A door leads to the bathroom and toilet.

The bathroom is very stylishly designed in white with white and gray marble slabs.

The hallway leads to the master bedroom, also known as the master bedroom.

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