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Do squirrels come into your backyard sometimes? Are you purposely luring those cute little rodents with nuts? A lot of people do it out of love for the little bushtails. But not everyone can photograph the squirrels up close! The internationally renowned photographer Geert Weggen observed the little animals in his garden for 6 years, followed them with his camera, and lurked outdoors for a long time until he was able to take great pictures. His squirrel portraits are so impressive and varied and worth every look. Below we show you some of Geert Weggen's snapshots. You want to encourage them to go into the forest more often and photograph the nature around you. You might also be able to take great animal photos.

Squirrels make a great subject for snapshots.

Photographing these up close and skilfully framing them is an art.

  • What do the squirrel pictures express?

First and foremost, the images reveal the photographer's deep love for wild nature and life in it. They also express his admiration for the squirrels' survival skills. The small wild animals manage to survive both the sub-zero temperatures in winter and the summer heat. The cute bushtails like to nibble on nuts and seeds. The photos show us in a unique, whimsical way that the wild animals appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature. They are fascinated by the natural charm of flowers, mushrooms and berries.

Is it looking for seeds or is it a deep fascination with the natural charm of wild plants?

The squirrel will also find shelter between these mushrooms.

The wild squirrels are in search of food in most of the pictures. Since they don't hibernate, that's in the cold ones a problem in the winter months. That's why the photographer Geert Weggen lured them with small bites and fed them for years. He was able to observe the rodents up close and immortalize them in great photos. His pictures also show how the squirrels deal with the difficult living conditions outside. We are also impressed by the fact that the small rodents show no fear in the pictures. Neither in their search for food nor when playing. Isn't that amazing?

Foraging and storing food for the winter is one of the squirrels survival techniques.

This little rodent is bathing outside.

But everyone likes to play!

  • Who is the photographer of the squirrels?

Geert Weggen is a Dutch-Swedish nature photographer who has focused on the life of wild squirrels in recent years. He has made a name for himself with his varied photos of the small rodents. His squirrel photographs have been featured in major journals, magazines, books and calendars, earning the photographer international recognition. Today Geert Weggen wants to further develop the subject of photography in the great outdoors. He even organizes seminars for young photographers and photography enthusiasts. The participants can also see and snap the small brown bushtails up close. Nobody thinks that this is boring. The great photos are the best proof of that.

Who is taking pictures here? Geert Weggen on the other side of the camera!

Now scroll through the photo gallery and see for yourself how interesting the squirrel photos are. Because they are made with love for nature and for small rodents. You might also try to take such beautiful photos on your next hike in the forest. Why not?

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"I followed the wild squirrels with the camera for years and we became good friends", says Geert Weggen.

Endless play in the great outdoors!

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