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Meryl Streep is undoubtedly one of the biggest Hollywood stars and certainly needs no introduction. All her roles are popular with at least three generations of film fans. Movie critics often call the actress the movie diva or movie queen of Hollywood. But one thing is certain - film critics and fans love her and appreciate her artistic talent. Because Meryl Streep has been in front of the camera for 44 years and shows her greatness. Meanwhile, the actress has proven several times that she is good in any film genre. She has acted in romance, drama, comedy and musicals and has always had great success. Meryl Streep has received 21 Oscar nominations and three gold statuettes for her acting skills. Her enormous collection of awards also includes 31 Golden Globe nominations and the film diva has been awarded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's greatest prize eight times. The won Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards speak for themselves.

This is a record! Meryl Streep has 21 Oscar nominations, actually so far!

  • Meryl Streep looks back on a breathtaking film career

The Hollywood star Meryl Streep celebrated her 70th anniversary 3 days ago, on June 22nd. That's a good reason to take a quick look back at her enchanting film career. She was born Mary Louise Street in Summit, New Jersey 70 years ago.

While still studying at Vassar College, she showed her love for acting. After graduating from college, she studied at the Yale School of Drama and her career took off right after that, actually in the 70's. Meryl broke into the film industry with her first major role in Julia (1977). In this film she starred alongside Hollywood favorites Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave.

The film "Julia" brought the actress her first success.

Then came roll after roll. She has acted in both feature films and TV series. In 1979 she was in front of the camera with Dustin Hoffman and together they made Kramer against Kramer". With this film she won her first Oscar and then her career took off. 1982 saw The French Lieutenant's Mistress, a role for which Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar. Step by step, or rather film after film, she climbed the Olympus of Hollywood. We just want to mention some of her participations in important films, for example Sophie's Choice (1982), Out of Africa (1985), and The Bridges by the River (1995).

She has brought home the golden Oscar statuette three times.

Her performances in films like The Hours (2002) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006) are second to none. In 1983, Meryl Streep received her second Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the film Sophie's Choice. In 2012 she received the golden boy for her performance in the biopic about the life of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The film "The Iron Lady" (2011) was and remains a cinema hit. However, it remains to be seen when Meryl Streep will offer us a new great performance.

The Grande Dame of Hollywood is modest and family-oriented in her private life.

  • Meryl Streep private

In the film world, it is common for scandals, love and marital crises to accompany the lives of actors. However, Meryl Streep proved the exact opposite. She has been happily married to the sculptor Don Gummer for four decades. Both have four children, a son and three daughters, and a grandchild as of early 2022! In the protective hands of her husband, the grande dame of Hollywood has found peace and support. At the 2012 Oscars, the actress said in her acceptance speech, "Everything I value most in this life, you gave me." Isn't that a deep, cinematic love that has connected both of them since 1978 and has survived difficult and happy times? The answer is yes!

Hard to believe! Meryl Streep is 70 years old!

Scandals are alien to the 70-year-old actress.

Meryl Streep and Cher are good friends.

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