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Summer is coming with lots of sunshine and fresh wind. Now we want to spend as long as possible outside and have fun in the open air. The best way to cook, grill and enjoy outdoor dining is with an outdoor kitchen. This is a modern option for taking the living space outdoors and is right in line with the latest trends in home decor. A garden kitchen can also be seen as a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. If you have visitors in the summer, organize a barbecue party or simply want to prepare your meals outside with the family, then you do not have to work alone in the kitchen. But on the contrary! With an outdoor kitchen in the garden, you are with your loved ones and they can also help with cooking and grilling. What other advantages does a garden kitchen have, we would like to explain below.

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to move the cooking area outside.

  • Every outdoor kitchen generously combines individual design and functionality

Before deciding on an outdoor kitchen, you need to learn about different design options. The purpose of such an outdoor cooking and grilling area is clearly defined. On the one hand, you save the journey from the kitchen inside to the dining area outside.

You are never alone when cooking and grilling. On the other hand, the execution depends only on you, because there are garden kitchens in different sizes, colors and shapes. They are all characterized by a completely individual design.

An outdoor kitchen must be placed next to the outdoor dining area.

Also, when designing them outside, you need to consider the space available and the area dedicated to it so that you can make the most of it. It has to be said here that you can also build an outdoor kitchen yourself. So it would meet your needs and desires exactly. Furthermore, it can be brick or transportable, i.e. on wheels. In the second case, you can choose where to place your outdoor kitchen as you wish.

Various design options are available to you.

As for the functionality of the garden kitchen, it also depends on your style and taste. You can decide for yourself what is part of your outdoor kitchen and what you do not want. In a modern outdoor kitchen design there is basically enough space for everything - from the grill to a convenient sink, work surfaces and enough storage space to the wok or kamado. A garden fireplace or pizza oven can also be a part of your outdoor kitchen. In short, such a fully equipped kitchen gives you a lot of freedom when preparing food. You can prepare fresh salads, cook tasty dishes outside, have a barbecue with friends, bake pizzas or enjoy a whole new barbecue experience with a grill oven or kamado. The summer evenings outside can definitely be enjoyable and quite amusing.

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen is the dream come true for many home and garden owners.

This outdoor kitchen with counter invites you to linger outside.

  • Materials and lighting of the outdoor kitchen

In principle, a garden kitchen is exposed to strong sun, rain and sub-zero temperatures in winter, so it must be made of robust and weatherproof materials. First and foremost we mean high-quality materials that withstand all possible weather conditions, such as stainless steel, aluminum and corten steel for the kitchen appliances. Then teak or granite for the countertops and flagstone and brick for a masonry base. Also, think in advance where exactly you can put or install the necessary electrical appliances so that they will not be damaged outside and will serve you for a long time.

Sturdy and weatherproof materials come into question when designing an outdoor kitchen.

Two elegant lamps on either side of the grill provide enough light in the evening so that you can follow the grilling process.

You also need suitable garden lighting so that you can spend barbecue evenings outside with friends and family comfortably, including those for the outdoor kitchen. Above all, the cooking and grilling area must also be well lit in the evenings so that you can work there undisturbed. Fairy lights are another very practical option for the garden kitchen and dining area, as they create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. You can then place tea lights and candles on the dining table or on side tables, adding the finishing touch to any outdoor get-together. In a balanced light atmosphere and in front of the crackling open fire under the starry sky you can spend endless romantic hours and fully enjoy the food and the company.

We wish you such unforgettable experiences in the open air this summer!

A modern outdoor kitchen does not need any decoration, but a little green never hurts.

Concrete pizza oven, weatherproof wood and lots of exotic plants define the aesthetics outside.

A Kamado guarantees you a whole new grilling experience and gives the food a new taste.

Flowers in vases or green plants in pots look great on work surfaces outside.

It can also be colourful!

If you prefer a very individual design.

Take a close look at the following outdoor kitchen designs… .

… and find your favorite among them!

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