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Nothing is one and forever, although sometimes it looks deceptively eternal. This applies in full force to the feelings, hardly to speak of love. It follows its own rules, if any. And that makes life full of surprises, but in many cases causes embarrassing situations. This is how it currently looks with Hollywood star Bradley Cooper. He's currently in an odd love triangle with former girlfriend Irina Shayk and hit singer Lady Gaga. The Hollywood rumor mill has been buzzing for the past two weeks as the three well-known stars continue to make waves in the US media with their complicated relationships. They have millions of fans around the world who cannot remain indifferent. Everyone wants to know what is happening with Bradley Cooper and in his love life and what way the actor and director finds a way out of the current situation. We have summarized some interesting details for you.

Bradley Cooper got caught up in a confusing love triangle.

  • How Bradley Cooper got into the love triangle?

Certainly, in the case of Bradley Cooper, too, the assertion is true: what we usually hear from and in the media is just the tip of the iceberg. However, since the Oscars 2022 film awards ceremony, there has been a lot of speculation that Irina Shayk is jealous of Bradley Cooper.

The popular model personally followed Bradley and music star Lady Gaga's emotional performance at the 2022 Oscars and was furious. As both artists performed the song "Shallow" in front of the audience, their body language revealed their deep feelings for each other. Apparently, they got along very well during the shooting of the film "A Star is Born". That was actually Bradley Cooper's directorial debut and he put all his strength and energy into it.

At the 2022 Oscars, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gagy presented themselves as a beautiful and successful couple.

Of course that was also the reason why he had little time for Irina and their two-year-old daughter Leah had. A Hollywood insider recently told People magazine, Fox News and other outlets that Bradley Cooper became emotionally distant from model Irina Shayk during this time. Because even in his free time he worked at home on the music for the strip. Apparently it paid off professionally. His film received eight Oscar nominations and received the gold statue for best film song. But the success had a catastrophic effect on his personal life. Bradley and Irina wanted to give each other another chance, but the love ended days ago. The US media confirmed last week that the model and the actor are going their separate ways in the future. So far, however, Bradley Cooper has not made any statement about the separation.

The situation between these three stars is more than embarrassing.

  • How both rebels around Bradley Cooper reacted to the current situation?

The rumors didn't help but made the situation even worse. There's clear talk of a dalliance between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, which Irina Shayk doesn't like at all. Last week the model "escaped" to Iceland where she has a photo op for an Italian fashion brand. Irina posted pictures of her short stay there on Instagram, where she laughed happily. And of course it looks perfect! After four years together, she left the Hollywood star and wants to focus on daughter Lea in the future. It's all over with Bradley Cooper.

Irina Shayk wants to focus on her 2-year-old daughter Lea in the future.

The model is expected to remain a single mother.

Meanwhile, a source close to Bradley Cooper reported that the actor and music star get along well. "He has a strong and overwhelming bond with Gaga" and "The chemistry between them is huge," we read in the newspapers and online magazines. Now fans are even expecting their screen love to carry over to real life. We cannot predict whether that will happen. But one thing is clear: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga could be the new dream couple in Hollywood! So far, however, the singer denies any affair with the film star. In the next few days and weeks we will understand how things will continue and whether Bradley Cooper will find a way out of the love triangle. Until then we have to wait a little longer.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga always look happy and cheerful at official events.

Especially if Irina Shayk is missing there.

Could this be Hollywood's new dream couple?

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