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The bathroom is our very private space, not only designed for our daily hygiene, but also for first-class relaxation. The subject has already been covered in numerous articles on our website, but it still seems inexhaustible. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and designs. The classic free-standing bathtub with claw feet remains very popular. However, a freestanding bathtub can also be designed in a very modern style, so that it is completely in line with the latest trend in bathroom design. But since there are no limits to creativity, other unusual bathtub designs also come into play, which also leave nothing to be desired. One such is undoubtedly the sunken bath, which offers barrier-free bathing and 100% relaxation. If you are just renovating your bathroom, the following design ideas can be very useful for you. Maybe consider a sunken bathtub after all?

This sunken bathtub impresses with its first-class design and invites you to spend romantic hours.

You can create a timeless bathroom design with a well thought-out room concept.

  • The sunken bathtub combines the practical and the aesthetic in its design

Depending on your budget and free space, you can realize your very special bathroom dream in your own four walls. If you have enough space and surface area in the bathroom, then leave the bathtub in the floor. This creates a barrier-free place of relaxation, where you can feel a special spa feeling every time you bathe and let your soul dangle. From a purely practical point of view, the sunken bath is a bit difficult to install, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. First choose the right place for your built-in bathtub, for example next to a large window. In this way you can look at the nearby area while bathing and really switch off from everyday stress.

This oval sunken bathtub exudes a strong Zen flair and lets the Boundaries between inside and outside are disappearing.

Second, you need to think carefully about the shape and overall design of your built-in tub. Oval, round, square or rectangular are the most popular shapes, but a sunken bathtub can also be made in a different, slightly more unusual shape. For example, be polygonal or asymmetrical. The following example is intended to illustrate exactly that.

A polygonal shape always looks interesting.

The sunken bathtub can function as a jacuzzi.

A sunken bathtub can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are acrylic in all its forms and steel enamel. But there are also models made of easy-care Corian, ceramic, natural stone and wood. Before installing the bathtub, you must find out how the individual materials are cleaned and cared for and only then consider the best variant for you.

Very different materials have been used here to create a unique bathroom design with a sunken bathtub.

Concrete look bathtub matches the industrial style.

In terms of aesthetics, the design of a built-in bathtub can exceed all expectations. Because the bathtub is sunken, there are no barriers in the bathroom and it looks spacious and inviting. Here you can let your imagination run free and integrate a small wooden bench or decorate the area around the bathtub with small white pebbles. The special spa feeling is enhanced by candles, flower petals, no figures and bath plants and you are guaranteed total relaxation. In such an atmosphere one feels relaxed and rested. Is there anything else you can wish for?

The practical and the aesthetic go hand in hand here…

You can't see the built-in bath at first glance.

Callas in a vase or pot refresh the bathroom.

Or would you prefer a bonsai tree?

  • A minimalist bathroom design and a sunken bath belong together

Modern bathrooms to fall in love with are available in every single style. A built-in bathtub can also be integrated into different bathroom designs, but it is best used in a minimalist bathroom. Their clean lines and shapes and the simple design go perfectly with minimalism. In a minimalist bathroom, the sunken bathtub immediately unfolds its charm and comes easily to the fore. It transforms in no time into an undisputed eye-catcher in the bathroom and invites you to linger. This allows you to achieve a timeless bathroom design that leaves nothing to be desired.

Now scroll down through all the pictures and let yourself be inspired for your own stylish bathroom design with a well thought-out room concept!

The mountain palm is a green accent in this minimalist designed bathroom.

Minimalism dominates here.

Treat yourself to the relaxation you deserve.

Everyday stress has no place in the bathroom! Complete relaxation is the order of the day here!

Peace, serenity and spa feeling!

Sunken bathtub Wooden shelf next to bedroom

Everyone would feel comfortable in this Zen atmosphere!

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