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Whenever we enter a certain room, we immediately feel its special, unique atmosphere. We intuitively learn a lot about its owner and get to know its individuality through small details. If you are interested in interior design, you can tell as soon as you enter a room whether the room is filled with typical feminine touches or exudes elegance in a masculine way. Because modernity and elegance have different aspects and can be viewed from different angles. These two characteristics are definitely different in the feminine and in the masculine style. For this reason, in today's post, we want to take a close look at the living room in a masculine style. How does the modern man actually live and what makes a living room look typically masculine and very stylish at the same time? In the following paragraphs you will surely find the answer to these questions.

Elegance in a masculine way - the living room is masculine and luxurious at the same time.

Dark colors and fine materials form a special mix that radiates masculinity.

Modern men are absolutely clear on what they want and what exactly they want their living room to look like. They are also well informed about the latest furnishing trends, so that they can select the best for themselves. They also express their lifestyle, their personal preferences and hobbies through the typically male interior design. The contemporary man prefers a cozy ambience that looks masculine, somewhat dramatic and very sexy. He feels most comfortable there, invites friends over and throws parties. He certainly enjoys the exuberant atmosphere of his own four walls. This isn't about empty beer cans and t-shirts lying around. In our numerous photo examples you can see stylishly furnished living rooms where every room element is masculine.

The interior is elegant, masculine, with a luxurious touch.

To better understand the stark difference between feminine and masculine when it comes to interior design, you can read our previously published articles on feminine bedrooms. You can also inquire about cozy dining rooms in a feminine style and lovely bathrooms with a feminine touch. But now we turn to the typical features that make a modern living room masculine.

The preferred color palette includes all possible shades of grey.

White and black mated in a male way.

  • What makes a room design typically masculine and very modern at the same time?

Certain elements in room design make a living room look masculine and very stylish at the same time. First and foremost is the chosen color palette that exudes masculinity. The classics in this regard are the basic colors black, white and gray in all possible shades. In addition, saturated colors such as fir green, night blue, cognac, chocolate brown are popular with men nowadays. These are reserved and radiate calm and serenity, which all men like. In contrast, in the modern living room in a masculine style, there are no powder tones, possible bright or kitschy colors. Even soft pastels are ignored.

The primary colors white, black and gray dominate in this living room with a masculine style.

Clean lines and geometric shapes create the perfect look.

Clear lines and geometric patterns are also typically masculine. These can be seen throughout any contemporary masculine style living space. For example, the living room shown in the picture above is characterized by perfect order and visual balance. Not to mention the typically masculine colors and classic furniture. This makes the room design timeless and very comfortable at the same time. As you can see for yourself, there is no room for frills and flourishes here. These don't fit into the masculine room design at all.

The room design looks elegant, unfussy and a bit harsh.

Rough natural materials dominate in the modern masculine style living room. These emphasize the male flair in the room. Above all, a lot of natural wood, leather, velvet and fur are preferred are quite classic and masculine. But metal also finds its place in a modern living room in industrial style. All these materials are so original and sexy that they dominate the entire room design. Interestingly, they are combined with modern gadgets that every man likes to have around him. Flat-screen televisions and the latest laptop model can be seen in every masculine living room. In addition, all electrical devices are connected via Bluetooth and send various information to the iPad or iPhone, from room temperature to energy consumption. Home security is also a top priority for modern men.

Modern gadgets are a must for men.

Different shades of gray accent wall designed with pictures. It's all about elevated style in a masculine way.

  • Furniture, lighting and room and wall decoration in the masculine living space

Modern men rely on classic furniture. Here we mean elegant sofas and armchairs or combinations of these. A coffee table is a must in a masculine living room. This can be made of wood, glass, marble or metal. An Eames Egg Chair made of real leather can also stand next to it and represent a special highlight in the room. The lighting is also an important aspect in the interior design in the masculine style. Hanging lamps, chandeliers and candles provide a soft light in the living room. These are boldly staged and usually have a unique sculptural form. In most cases, they serve as great visual accents in the room.

From classic to modern, everything is there!

Room lighting is an important aspect of design.

A brick wall painted white, accented by a cognac leather egg chair - isn't that typically masculine?

Finally, we want to draw your attention to the typical room and wall decoration in a modern masculine style living room. A statement wall is the rule rather than a rarity in this space. Depending on your personal preferences, you can set up a classic or modern bookshelf there or simply leave the brick wall undecorated. Modern paintings also have a strong presence Portraits that give the entire living space an individual touch. The same applies to the room decoration, which also expresses the personality of the room owner. Small sculptures and decorative figures made of wood, stone or metal are perfectly inscribed in the masculine room design. They often stand as clever accents, breaking up the dark and harsh but very natural ambiance by making it look casual.

A modern bookcase separates the masculine living room.

A statement wall says a lot about the homeowner's hobby.

Dark and light colors, noble and simple materials create a peculiar combination.

Light natural wood combines well with the dark walls and gray couches.

A masculine interior should be just as elegant and sexy.

Scroll down now and discover the room design that best suits your lifestyle and personality. Our editorial team wishes you lots of fun browsing!

The dark masculine interior is refreshed by wooden objects and the white marble of the fireplace.

Tough elegance and masculine style in one.

Sometimes you choose warm colors like brown and beige and create a really cozy atmosphere.

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