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Humans have always had a long-cherished desire, namely to always be young and to live as long as possible. There's nothing nicer than that! But would it be possible to stay young and vital until old age, live without pain and have a good memory? While medicine is constantly searching for new healing methods and always striving to extend human lifespan, nature offers us a unique healing agent called gotu kola that works wonders. Although not well known, the Asian medicinal herb has an intense healing effect, can regenerate, revitalize and rejuvenate the human body. If you are not yet familiar with this miracle cure for eternally young life, you can find out more about it here. In the following lines we report on the distribution, healing effects and recommended dosage form of gotu kola. Stay tuned!

Gotu Kola or the Asian Tiger Grass that works miracles!

  • What is gotu kola and where is it common?

Gotu Kola is a medicinal herb that has a positive effect on all diseases. Its healing powers have been known and valued in Asia for thousands of years, and it has become popular in Europe in the last decade. In this country Gotu Kola is called Indian water navel or it bears names like Centella asiatica, tiger herb or tiger grass.

The herbaceous plant originally comes from India. The medicinal plant is also widespread in Japan, China and in the tropical regions of Africa. That means it is a constant grower and thrives very well in tropical and subtropical climates. For this, the medicinal herb needed a nutrient-rich, humus-rich and swampy environment. Therefore, it is mostly found on river banks and in paddy fields, in short, in humid locations at altitudes between 200 m and 2000 m.

The medicinal herb immediately catches the eye with its circular or kidney-shaped green leaves.

Gotu Kola is a perennial medicinal plant that reaches a maximum height of 30 cm. Circular or kidney-shaped green leaves grow on the thin stem. During During the flowering period from June to September, small flowers form, but they do not usually protrude beyond the leaves. All parts of the plant are said to have healing properties. In Asian cuisine, for example, the round leaves and young shoots are used by consuming them as a salad. The leaves can still be dried and used as a tea or powder.

What can you heal with gotu kola?

  • What are the healing effects of the Asian miracle herb gotu kola?

The Asian pennywort is referred to by naturopaths as "food for the brain". Gotu kola has a regenerating effect on the nervous system, greatly calming it and promoting intelligence and memory function. The Indian medicinal herb is credited with having a healing effect on nervous diseases, including depressive states, mental disorders, epilepsy, hypochondria. Gotu kola is said to stop premature aging and correct forgetfulness. It is simply unsurpassed in the regeneration and rejuvenation of brain and nerve cells. This is due to its important ingredients. The leaves and young shoots of the medicinal plant contain vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, arginine and others.

The Asian medicinal herb gotu kola is also called "food for the brain".

Furthermore, the substances contained increase the formation of collagen in the bones and cartilage. That is why gotu kola helps with diseases of the supporting and musculoskeletal system. It also improves peripheral blood circulation, so you no longer have cold feet and hands. Tiger grass is also used to treat varicose veins and lymphedema. According to new research results, the medicinal herb is recommended as a good preventive measure for fear of flying before long overseas flights.

The Asian pennywort has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for two millennia.

The medicinal herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for around 2000 years. In Asia gotu kola is also called "spiritual herb" and it is used for motivation and vitalisation. It is believed to benefit the energy center on the top of the head. In addition, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects are attributed to the plant. The tiger herb dehydrates the body and has an antioxidant and antifungal effect. That is why it is used in Ayuverda and in traditional Chinese medicine wide range of ailments and diseases. Because of this, gotu kola is considered a natural wonder drug that heals and rejuvenates the human body.

A natural miracle cure that heals and revitalizes the human body.

  • How to use the remedy?

With us you can find gotu kola in he alth food stores, he alth food stores and pharmacies. Various products are available that contain extracts of the medicinal plant and are used either internally or externally. Such are, for example, capsules, tablets, tea, powder, tincture, ointments and creams. The best thing to do, however, is to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before making a purchase and to find out exactly how you should take these medicinal products.

The Asian medicinal herb is available from us as a tea, ointment, powder or dietary supplement.

We can only add the following: in this country you can find the Asian medicinal plant in the form of dietary supplements (tablets, capsules, powder). The healing components of Asian tiger grass are also well preserved in tinctures, ointments and cosmetic creams. You can prepare gotu kola tea yourself. For example, the dried leaves of the medicinal plant are boiled at 100 degrees C for 10 minutes in order to optimally develop the antioxidant properties of the medicinal herb. You can also buy or make your own gotu kola tincture and add it drop by drop to juice or water. Mix the powder in yoghurt, fruit juice or smoothies to enjoy its healing properties. The ointment is used to treat wounds and scars. Recently, cosmetic creams with gotu kola extracts, which are used for wellness and anti-aging purposes and have a rejuvenating effect, are in great demand. They are said to tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles, which pleases many women of a certain age.

The Asian miracle herb is also used in the cosmetics industry for its anti-aging effect.

Extra tip: However, beware of side effects with this medicinal herb! Strictly follow the recommended intake! Be forewarned, however, high doses can in some cases cause nausea, dizziness, headaches and stomach upset. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are prohibited from consuming any product containing gotu kola. This also applies to people with Liver damage diagnosed, but also for those who are about to have an operation.

So enjoy the Asian miracle herb gotu kola in moderation and stay he althy, young and energetic!

Get advice from your doctor or pharmacist first before using any gotu kola product.

This healing powder can be mixed with yoghurt.

Draw vitality directly from the healing power of nature!

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