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These interior design ideas that best reflect our zeitgeist

Designers promise us high quality home decoration products in 2022 with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. This works by taking previous experience into account. If we design our rooms according to this year's trends, it will be artistic, poetic and unforgettable. For better success, we have made a nice collection of interior design ideas for you here in the editorial office and show many more inspiring furnishing examples based on current living trends in 2022.

In addition, smart technologies will increasingly come to the fore. This is particularly noticeable in the area of lighting. LED wall murals, which light up when touched by a human being, are very popular this year.The room of 2022 is an atmospheric space in which human emotions are deeply touched.

Room design ideas for people with taste and style

A collection is a great idea

2022 is the perfect moment when you want to have a new collection. Collections aren't news, but they're as popular this year as they've been in a long time. Give yourself more free time displaying them at home. They can be easily positioned among other items on the bookshelves.

Of course, the correlation between the collection and the rest of the interior is mandatory.

Room design according to the principles of sustainability

Mix of Trends

When you design the room, strive for a timeless character. You can achieve this particularly easily if you mix current trends with those from recent years. Do this on the level of colors as well as textures and furniture.

A pursuit of inner and outer harmony

Chic and stylish through upcycling

The feeling of a organic growth

The eclectic is very popular now. But she has something special about her character, something that we haven't noticed before. It is perceived as a development process. A high-quality interior design with new furniture and objects reflects our own further development. We are witnessing organic growth, so to speak.

Combine classic and fashion

Noble shine and fine cut as proof of aesthetic standards

Rediscover naturalness in shape, material and color

Environmental aspect

"Organic" dominates among trends in 2022, both directly and figuratively. DIY, upcycling and other forms of sustainable design and reuse are becoming even more important.

Precise Retrospect

The eclectic mix of antique and vintage styles have had a strong presence over the last year. In 2022 we will experience a more precise consideration and application of these. So delve deeper into the decade you've brought forward. When designing a room, choose an iconic piece as the focal point.

Expressing the personal definition of comfort

Think of the whole of the room design

The border to nature is getting narrower and narrower

From the rough to the fine, a uniform concept should be noticeable

Quality should become a part of your own lifestyle

Discover, Pimp & Reuse

Good taste is not synonymous with expensive expenses

Show your attention to detail

Bring the most beautiful trophies in your collection to the fore

There should be enough space in the apartment for a modern altar

The botanical patterns and elements from last year are still up to date

Multiple light sources ensure exciting dynamics

Extravagance will be capitalized in 2022

Great value is placed on good materials

The entire unison counts

May your home look like a treasure chest

Bringing the functional and the decorative into a whole picture

It's trendy to show good class

Your philosophy of life can be seen through your interior design

The combination of the natural and the classic results in today's modern

Creating is a fun game for the senses

Successful interior design means being able to recognize yourself in it

The more life-affirming, the trendier

Giving yourself a good life isn't always about luxury

but rather with a love of beauty

Let the space emerge little by little

Combine the styles according to your needs

Crazy mixes of styles are allowed

Restraint and sobriety can be your design elements

Puristic and precise can also lead to cosiness

Mix the 70s with the 50s and illuminate it in a modern way

Trendy shades can be complemented by massive furniture and modern geometry

Welcoming the 70s as a whole living concept

Monochrome is timeless

just like the gold

Smart design for more play in the room

The New Year can be ecological and trendy

Everything may be unpacked

Choosing natural materials is the hottest trend in 2022

Indoor plants can become a basic element of the design

Lighting lets you really bring out the natural materials

Become a Collector of Valuable Treasures

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