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We all know the situation in our apartments well: we have too many things and always not enough storage space! There are unused and maybe a bit dusty corners in all rooms, but they can be used cleverly. How do you do that? With matching corner furniture, of course! These are always an intelligent solution for any "dead space" that is empty, namely in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the living room and bedroom. On the one hand, the corner furniture visually beautifies the room, on the other hand, it offers more storage space for things that you finally want to put in order. In short, such furniture is very important to us, so today we present it. In this article, we only focus on corner shelves and corner cabinets. We also want to show you how to maximize the functionality of empty corners with these practical pieces of furniture.

A corner shelf is perfect for any kitchen.

  • Corner shelves and corner cupboards - practical corner furniture that offers more storage space.

Corner shelves and corner cabinets are nothing new in furniture manufacturing. They have now been rediscovered for modern interior design and are currently enjoying great popularity. From a practical point of view, these corner furniture are irreplaceable helpers, because they immediately liven up the entire room design.

In addition, they give us great opportunities to optimally fill in and utilize completely unused corners. The corner shelves can vary in design and height. These can be very simple wooden structures that you can assemble yourself, or they can be made of glass or metal. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, for example, the corner shelves are urgently needed. In the modern bathroom, you can put hand and bath towels on it or arrange your cosmetics so that the individual items are always ready to hand. A pot with a moisture-loving bath plant also finds its suitable place there.

Small corner shelf in the bathroom accommodates necessary utensils and a pot with zimie.

In the kitchen, corner shelves are simply a must because they take They don't take up much space, but offer additional storage space for coffee mugs, tea cups and other kitchen utensils that you use every day. This corner furniture is usually easy to assemble, it is attached to the wall in no time. But the effect is great - you fill the empty corner with new life! The next picture can convince you.

A modern and elegant light wood corner shelf fills the corner in this kitchen.

Corner shelves fit just as well in every corner in the hallway, in the children's room or in the home office and increase the storage options in the room. In this way, corner furniture ensures more order at home.

This corner shoe rack doesn't take up much space, but it has a great effect on tidying up the hallway.

The perfect solution for that empty corner in your home office.

A corner shelf wonderfully fulfills its decorative function and enlivens every corner.

Corner cabinets also have their advantages. These can be in different styles, from retro and vintage to super modern and a bit quirky. Usually these are large corner cabinets with glazed front doors. The shelves inside this corner furniture can be made of wood or glass. Their height is different depending on the practical purpose. For example, a high corner cabinet can enhance any dining room, while a low one could look very appealing and find a suitable place in your living room. For example, it offers you the perfect opportunity to design your own drinks bar there. In that case, you don't need a bar cart anymore, do you?

A low corner cabinet especially for your drinks!

In most cases, the corner cabinets fill an empty corner in the dining room, storing glasses and dishes. But they also cut a fine figure in the bathroom or bedroom, especially in places where more storage space is absolutely necessary. In principle, the corner furniture is the best and the most intelligent solution for this.

Corner furniture is the smartest solution in the kitchen or dining room.

A retro corner cabinet in white decorates the corner in this bathroom and offers storage space for various bathroom accessories.

  • The advantages of Corner furniture at a glance

Surely you are already convinced of the functionality of the corner furniture in different rooms of the apartment. But now we want to briefly summarize the advantages of such furniture:

  • Corner furniture is easy to assemble and fits well in empty corners;
  • There is a wide range of designs, heights and sizes of corner furniture, so they fit perfectly into any room;
  • They enjoy convenient use and have many useful things at hand;
  • Corner furniture is without a doubt the smartest solution for storing essential items;
  • They don't take up a piece of the living space because they belong in the corner;
  • Corner furniture offers practical storage options in every single room in the modern apartment;
  • These save you time and nerves when tidying up at home.

This modern corner cabinet with built-in lighting gives you the opportunity to create better order at home.

A corner shelf with a simple design has an important function in the hallway - that's where all the house and car keys hang neatly!

Take some time and also look at the next pictures. You will surely find other great storage space ideas that would also be of great practical use in your home!

Any DIY fan can build this simple piece of corner furniture themselves.

Give this vintage corner cabinet a second chance!

Or would a modern one be better for your room design in the dining room?

This corner cabinet in white looks great in the bathroom and toilet.

A low corner TV cabinet - perfect solution for the corner!

Simple in design but with great practical function in the hallway!

This corner shelf fits in every corner!

You can build it yourself, right?

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