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Actually, the world is constantly changing. But there are certain personalities who are actively involved. One of them is undoubtedly Tesla boss and hi-tech billionaire Elon Musk. He has been investing in space travel for years, where he is involved with his company SpaceX. Its engineers and scientists have already developed new, multi-purpose rocket engines. This could greatly reduce the cost of future space missions and supply international space stations. Elon Musk's bold plans regularly attract attention. That's understandable, because his big dream is that people start the long journey to Mars. His space versions correspond exactly to the desire of numerous scientists, explorers and astronauts to one day colonize the red planet. We will report shortly on how his journey has progressed from his birthplace of Pretoria to bold plans, projects and dreams of far away planets.

Elon Musk is one of Silicon Valley's most colorful figures.

  • A genius from Silicon Valley

Although Elon Musk is often characterized as the genius from Silicon Valley, he is originally from South Africa. To avoid military service there, he and his brother fled to Canada. During college, Elon Musk relocated from Canada to the United States, where he majored in Economics and Physics.

He then went to California to do his PhD in Physics. He soon left Stanford University and founded an Internet company. Elon showed a keen instinct to make a lot of money and sold Zip2, founded in 1995. From this he made a fortune of 22 million US dollars. Soon the genius became a billionaire thanks to his shares in the online payment system PayPal. Then he moved on to his next project and founded the company SpaceX, whose activity is focused on space travel. This is how Elon Musk started developing innovative technologies that change the world.

He made billions with technology and dreams.

Elon Musk's space company SpaceX aims to reduce the cost of space travel so that life on others planet becomes possible. In 2013 he came up with a crazy project called Hyperloop. A test model of the capsules has already been designed, in which people can travel long distances in a pipe system in the shortest possible time. The visionary dreams of traveling at almost the speed of sound. With this new mode of transport, long distances between major cities can be covered quickly and elegantly in capsules. Surely it will then continue into space in similar capsules.

The Genie and his Capsule.

He is determined to change the world for the better.

In the meantime, the visionary Elon Musk is not only investing his fortune of 16 billion US dollars, according to Forbes, in space travel, but also in modern means of transport such as Tesla cars. His collaborators have designed a tunnel system for the greater Los Angeles area. This is a great anti-congestion project that will solve daily traffic problems in the megapolis. The genius also participates in research into artificial intelligence.

Such rockets will fly into the cosmos in the foreseeable future.

  • Elon Musk Recognized for Achievements in Space

The world is currently opening up to new horizons and personalities like Elon Musk want to help and revolutionize space. He recently posted interesting footage on Instagram that accurately reflects his space dreams. The successful test results from a Mars rocket were confirmed by his team. You can find out more about this in the attached video.

Elon Musk is celebrated worldwide for his space visions. But for “his extraordinary achievements in space travel and for humanity he will soon be honored with an important scientific prize. The Tesla and SpaceX boss receives a "Stephen Hawking Medal". The medal is awarded during the prestigious Starmus science and music festival. This important event will take place in Switzerland for the first time in June this year. We are eagerly awaiting to see Elon Musk with this award!

We can only guess what the near future will bring us.

From dream to reality! Much more can be expected from SpaceX and Elon Musk!

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