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Design walls with the patterns of the last decades

Fashion and design are developing more sustainably. Part of this process is the adoption of old trends in the new seasons. They remain and are enriched by slight transformations or suitable combinations.

Symmetry and geometry in designing walls

Would you like to find out which "old" patterns for wall design are still up to date?

Stylized Animal Patterns

Decorate the walls with botanical patterns

Botanical patterns are trending even in fashion. In addition, it is universal. You can use the botanical patterns in rooms with different functions and styles.

Put the botanical encyclopedias on the wall

If you decorate the walls with botanical patterns, they will look up-to-date in every season. They bring freshness and a good mood.

Stylized organic elements for every living space

Bamboo as decoration

Wide range of botanical patterns

and Printing Techniques

multiply, mirror, rotate

Spring themed wall art

we remember various painting techniques

Tartan Pattern

Tartan Pattern is another good choice if you want to decorate the walls in a modern way. It's an example of classic that doesn't really go out of style. Tartan pattern wins hearts with its understated elegance. Solutions in this style could be seen particularly often during the international interior design fair in Cologne - IMM Cologne - this year.

The tartan pattern is stylish, elegant and almost severe

The furniture should be in one color if the wall design contains these patterns

The pattern on the wall looks sporty and upscale at the same time

Despite the strong geometric character, tartan patterns bring you a sense of calm and comfort at home. Tartan pattern can be used beautifully on accent walls. The harmonious and natural appearance is modern. Currently, tartan patterns are particularly popular on materials such as wood and stone.

Furnishing examples for extroverts

The white deer head brings the pattern to the fore

Geometry in the right color combination can be very effective

Create high contrast

Find a meaningful place for your accent wall

You can achieve great results with few resources

Discreet setup with dynamic setup


The modern geometric patterns are always more surprising and difficult to predict. The somewhat more chaotic effect is very current at the moment.

Cosiness in the kitchen is important

Breaking the Monochromy

Incorporate lots of white into the wall design

Creating walls can really be a lot of fun

Animal Print

Why not decorate your walls with animal prints? They are still relevant in 2016! Leopard, zebra or other exotic patterns are plentiful on the market.

It is important that you have enough other neutral elements in the room so that you avoid the "parrot look".

Shibori Pattern

We will also take

Shibori patterns with us in 2016. This Japanese technique was borrowed from the textile industry and is now very up-to-date with modern wall design. These patterns are unusual, beautiful and the effect is easy and quick to remember.

Within the Shibori patterns there is great variety. Check out as many as you can to find a variant that suits you.

Shibori patterns are great for an accent wall. Expand your impact with small decorative touches.

Flower Pattern

Let's go back to some simpler patterns. The flowers are in themselves a classic variant for the wall design. In 2016 they appear in the form of magnificent photo samples. This not only applies to the interior design, but also to the clothing.

Black & White Graphic Elements

This evergreen is one of the wall design favorites of many designers. Check out these chic patterns. If you opt for graphic wall design in black and white, you always have an up-to-date interior design.

What patterns, proven in practice, do you carry over into the New Year?

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