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You certainly have a lot of good plans for 2022 in mind, don't you? Would you like to look even better than ever in the new year? What would you like to change in your look? Would you like to make something better out of your nail design?

Cool nail design ideas

We shouldn't delude ourselves: The most complicated nail designs should be done professionally. However, there are a number of variants and patterns that you can manage on your own.

Nail design picture gallery

However, you will never achieve an ideal look if you are not familiar with the latest trends in nail design. We would like to present these to you in a nail design picture gallery below.

Fingernail Trends 2022

60 Nail Design Pictures

Main trends in nail design for 2022

The tendency to keep things simple remains unchanged in nail designs 2022 as well. The various images and patterns are current. But they don't have to be overly complicated to look great. So don't spend money unnecessarily and keep your nerve, because you can still achieve a gorgeous nail design.

Current nail patterns

Nail polish colors that are trending

Fresh color combinations

The Artful Dots

Great nail design can include just one artistically designed point. It could be of different sizes or colors. There are different instruments for nail designs. Depending on which one you use, you can achieve very different effects with the simplest patterns.

Colored Dots

Black on White

Red manicure different

3D effects - decorated with pearls

The nude look is trendy again

Easy Nail Designs Ideas

Flowers as nail art

Simple patterns, which will also be up to date in 2022, are the flowers. You can do this yourself by painting several circles - one in the center and several more around it. Use different colors.

Subtle floral pattern in white

Shades of the same color

2022 manicure will be very relevant with different shades of the same color. In addition, sensual shades are back in fashion. Choose sensual Bordeaux or a great gold nuance for your nail design.

Color mix according to current trends

The bright variants of coral, blue and yellow are also very modern in 2022. You could also combine these wonderfully with each other. Nail designers also recommend that you use a clear base. It gives the nails a transparent, elegant effect.

Bright nail polish colors - french manicure but in green

Cool Nail Designs

Royal blue for discerning women

Patterns on the nails

Animal prints and geometric figures on nails are nothing new. They will also remain as a trend in 2022. Among them, the net-like nail designs are the most current.

The new nail patterns are geometric and minimalist

Easy Nail Designs to Love

More Nail Design Ideas

Contrasts are all the rage

Do you like the contrasting nail design? Then use golden and silver nuances to achieve this. The glamorous effects are also a current trend in and of themselves. These can also be done in other shades, not just gold and silver. It is important that you achieve a high-contrast nail design.

Black and white contrasts in a modern style

Harmony in shades of brown

Current Nail Polish Trends

Nude Nails

Combination of 2 trendy colors

All shades of red are current

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