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Now let's be honest! Which room is the heart of your home? Is this the kitchen or the living room? In most households around the world, the living room is the absolute meeting point, where all family members like to linger for a long time. This is exactly where you receive visitors and spend long, cozy evenings with close friends and close relatives. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own living room and definitely not be restricted and tense. Therefore, all homeowners strive to have as large and spacious a living room as possible and to make it cozy and inviting. You are probably thinking that a room can only be enlarged through expensive conversion work and extensive renovations. However, we claim otherwise! There are some clever tricks on how to visually expand your living room! Thanks to this, you can visually make the room appear larger. The ideas presented here are budget-friendly and easy to execute.

We have summarized the most important things about enlarging the living room for you!

Each of us perceives the size of a room subjectively.

Tip 1 for visually expanding the living room: Bright rooms look larger than they really are

Light shades can work wonders in any living room, small or spacious. These give the room width and make the living room look larger. But where can you bring out the visual impact of the bright colors?

  • Light walls are the be-all and end-all when designing the living room. In no case does everything have to be white! Decide on the wall design for soft nuances of beige, gray, sky blue or prefer an elegant pastel color. On the one hand they light up the room and on the other hand they create an inviting and quite cozy ambience.

Bright colors can help you achieve a visual illusion.

  • Uniform flooring - this is the one second trick to visually expand the living room. If you choose a uniform floor covering with which you also lay the delimiting rooms, you can really achieve an excellent visual effect. Lay the floor with light wood, laminate or carpeting, for example. Use this trick to make any visual obstacles fall off. The uniform look allows the living room to flow seamlessly into the other rooms in your home. This is a great way to visually expand your living room and make it look a lot bigger than it really is.

Visually expand the living room: the brighter the room, the larger it appears.

  • Clever lighting design can help you enormously to visually expand your living room. Here we mean not only the artificial lighting in the room, but also the natural light. Wide windows allow natural light to enter the living room during the day, making it bright and welcoming. Well thought-out room lighting is what you need in the evening. You can use an elegant floor lamp or opt for built-in spotlights. Both options are trendy and stylish while being discreet at the same time. With it you can successfully expand your living room visually.

The appropriate and well thought-out room lighting can also help to visually expand the living room.

Tip 2 for the living room: you need a real eye-catcher!

You need to break the unified look of your living room, however, with a well-placed accent or cleverly used focal point. This trick diverts most people's attention away from the size of the room. So don't be afraid to rely on it! You can transform the ornate mantel, a piece of art on the wall or a special piece of furniture into a real eye-catcher in the room. Your favorite travel souvenir, elegant coffee table or other piece of furniture can also do the job. You can also use contrasts without hesitation, so that your favorite piece stands out from all the other furniture. That'll get you talking at your next party, won't it?

The large mural is a real eye-catcher and gives the living room more space.

All eyes are drawn to this unusual golden yellow sofa!

Tip 3: The well thought-out use of mirrors is a classic when it comes to visually expanding living rooms

A properly used mirror is the classic way to visually expand the living room. The good thing is that a properly positioned mirror can enhance the visual effects of the tips outlined above. Because the mirrors not only reflect the light, but also the dimensions of the living room and the colors used in its interior design. In short, all in one! Before you position the mirror in the living room, find out the best place for it. For example, hanging or leaning against the wall opposite the window in the middle of the room, the mirror can do a lot to visually expand the living room. In this case, it catches a lot of light and reflects it. Therein lies the secret of good interior design!

The tried and tested trick with a large mirror…

… . can visually expand the living room and make it appear much larger than it really is!

You can now scroll down and admire other examples of a successful visual extension of the living room. Why not bring these ideas into your own home and try them out there? We can assure you the effect will be stunning! Your home will feel bigger, cozier and much brighter and more inviting than ever!

The right color concept blurs the room boundaries.

An open room concept gives you many design options… .

… . so you can express your creativity!

Lots of natural light flood the space, making it welcoming and cosy.

Bump the room lighting to accent the living room.

The whole dark wall with the built-in fireplace and spotlights is eye-catching!

Don't overdo it with the wall decoration!

Only display your favorite pieces!

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