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As soon as summer arrives, practically all ladies will reach for the skirts. They want to feel free and let their skin breathe. The shorter models are often perceived as the more advantageous. And with these in particular, it is incredibly important that you look stylish. You can find some good tips in this regard in the current fashion trends.

Women's skirts - short skirts are always in fashion

Short pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is available in different lengths in 2019 and 2022. It can also be worn short. So that you look stylish and not cheap, you should look at the classic models from Coco Chanel for inspiration. The color is particularly important here: choose something that is very fashionable this season.

Women's skirts with a colorful pattern

Sporty, elegant look

Puff skirt

Are you wondering if the peplum skirt is suitable for every day? The answer is clearly positive. Would you also like to find out something worth knowing? Similar models have already been worn in ancient times. The peplum skirt is also an important part of the work of the Coco Chanel brand.

Mini denim skirt

Denim skirts are popular and will remain in demand in 2022 because they allow a lot of freedom of movement. These represented a high priority in the designer collections. Almost all models are popular, but those with denser areas, inscriptions and stickers are the most popular.

For the everyday outfit

Asymmetric skirts

Asymmetry is of great importance in the upcoming summer season. Combine with several layers, under which you can also integrate lace or transparent fabrics. That looks interesting and super feminine.

Asymmetric and attractive

Modern short guipure skirt

Guipure is very trendy fabric in summer 2022 and you can easily use it for the short skirt. This will ensure an uncompromisingly stylish appearance care for. Modern skirts with guipure lace can be found in practically all designer collections around the world.

Fresh design and trendy fabric

Short skirt - oversized

A short skirt can look particularly interesting in plus size. This decision is particularly relevant this year. Pair with a fitted top for maximum fashion effect. The combinations with some parts made of transparent fabric are currently available.

The short modern skirt and other fashion trends for 2022

Contrasts of fabrics and colors are very trendy this year. You could wear the short skirt in spring and combine it with a sweater, for example. That would be a surprising but very current combination. At any time of the year, pairing it with an oversized top would look very modern and up-to-date. Also, don't forget to explore various provocative combinations of fabrics.

Trendy in summer with a short skirt

Light pink and feminine

Provocative and modern look

Ideas for spring

Wear short skirt with jacket

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