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Can't you wait for spring to come now? Once you see the shoe trends, you become even more impatient. Here are the latest trends.

Wear modern shoes and keep up with trends

Lacquer and bundles

Lacquered sandals with long straps that can be tied around the ankles in an individual way: this will surely refresh you incredibly in the coming season.

Modern shoes are part of an extravagant outfit

Let's stay with the bundles for a bit longer… These are often particularly creative. Here, inspiration is borrowed from other accessories such as bags or belts.

Trendy platform shoes

Pointed, with platform or heel

Both heels and platforms can be seen this year. However, most models are pointed.

Elegant women's shoes with heels

Stylish and colourful

Both pairs of shoes have to be the same? Why is that?

Designers are showing us this year that a pair of shoes can look harmonious, even if the two shoes aren't exactly the same. For example, the platforms can be done in different shades. A black and white duo works beautifully.

The flat platforms

We just mentioned shoes on high platforms. However, let's take a closer look at these. There are a number of models that are incredibly flat and this is typical of the upcoming spring season.

Platform shoes in red

The use of very noble, often shiny materials, such as soft leather, is particularly striking. Also provides a contrast with not so elegant in textures. This emphasizes the noble accessories on the shoes particularly well.

Floral patterns and animal prints

The floral patterns have been in fashion for a few years, but it will now don't last any longer. They appear particularly often on platforms because there is room for them to develop. When the platforms are no longer trendy, the prints are logically gone too.

Floral and animal prints in one model

Very eye-catching shoes

Natural materials and plastic

"Effective materials" - this is one of the most important word combinations in shoe design. This can mean many different things - there are high platforms made of wood and light sandals made of colored plastic.

Trendy summer shoes

Kitten heel shoes

Kitten heel shoes are another particularly current shoe trend. Combined with the elegant materials and creative bundles, they are quite effective.

Kitten heel shoes by Dior

Sporty elegant boots

Sporty and still very seductive - that is the dream vision of many women. Designers of modern shoes seem to have recognized this very well. We can see a lot of sports-inspired knee length boots on the fashion podiums. They're another hot trend for spring.

Elegant and unusual

Pretty impressive and so trendy

Knitted shoes

Elegant socks on a high heel? How sexy can that look? In addition, it looks particularly comfortable and warm. There are still enough cold days in spring… Choose only high-quality models that provide stability at the ankles. Otherwise various traumas can occur.

"Knitted" shoes can also be seen on different platforms.

Unusual shapes

Asymmetry is a big part of spring fashion. This is also evident in the various shoe models. Unusual shapes, both in heels and platforms, dominate the fashion podiums.

Unusual design

The modern shoes for autumn clearly reflect the character of the season. This is the time of the hard-working people, who have to walk a lot and do a lot of things every day and at the same time don't want to lose their attractive appearance. That is with the models shown quite possible. The universal character of the spring shoes is also characteristic. One or two strategically chosen pairs can meet our daily needs.


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